Thursday, 7 February 2013

Steve Galbraith is getting ready to launch a hedge fund, Herring Creek

I think he played Maverick in Top Gun. 'Who did?!' Steve Galbraith, man. 'Er, I don't think so, man. If you had an intern to do your research, you would know that Mr Galbraith used to work at Maverick Capital.' Oh. Well, you're supposed to be my intern, ain't ya, Voice? 'No.' / Never mind. It all gets jumbled up in my head, you know. Hedge funds, banks, films, music, spiders, mad uncles, dodgy ears. / One day, I shall be released!

 'Our Stevie, Mikey?' Yeah, our Stevie is hoping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for his Herring Creek fund. There shouldn't be a problem. I mean, he still has the burning desire. He hasn't lost that lovin' feeling.


I'm very upbeat today, optimistic and that, despite my dodgy ear. Maybe it's because the sun is out. I don't even feel bad being trapped indoors. / It's curry night in the pub tonight. I might go, I don't know. / I've been listening to a couple of my demos, with my one good ear, just like Brian Wilson. It's a bit frustrating. I can't play them to anyone until I've made the last demo of My Heart. 'With your ear?!' I know, I know. It's crazy, Voice. I'll just have to wait for the ear drum to recover, or heal up, or whatever it does in situations like this. It could be worse, I suppose. Beethoven had to bite his piano to get the vibrations. 'Oh man, that's perverted!' No it's not, you idiot! 'Were they good vibrations?' How the hell should I know?