Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Friends Life is selling Sesame Street

Yeah, bad news, a real shame. / But it just shows you how square a lot of the people working in finance really are. Sesame Street is a great TV programme, and I would hold on to it. I mean, there are characters like Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, and Count Von Count: "One hot dog! Two hot dogs! Three hot dogs! Ha, ha, ha!" You can't put a price on shit like that. Well ... / Well ... it's all about the money for Friends Life. Money, money, money. The Cookie Monster should be a friend for life. The bastards are selling him down the river! / So heartless. / Friends Life provides a range of financial products and services. They focus on ways of helping people achieve greater long-term financial security for themselves and their families. Great! They don't care about Big Bird though, do they? What about Big Bird's financial security? A spokesman said: "Big Bird can get to fuck." Oh, lovely. / At least Oscar has his dustbin. 'Mikey, I'm sure the new owner will look after them, these muppet puppet things. Just chill out, man!'


Ah, Voice. The Voice. / I've got a problem with my right ear. There's water in it, or wax, or I've damaged the ear drum, or something. I don't know. I'm not a fucking doctor. It's just another setback. However, it doesn't affect my guitar playing, which is getting better. / I have a vision now (or auditory hallucination) for how I want My Heart to sound. 'Nothing to do with me!' When my ear is sorted, I'll try to record again.

I'm listening to The Doors this week, and right now. 'Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain, yeah?' Yeah. / I watched the Oliver Stone film last night. There's a good scene where Morrison is on stage, and he has a vision of an old Indian shaman, and then he screams at the audience: "YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING SLAVES!!!" / That's what shamans are for. To wake people up. It's in the job description. / And I've lost count of how many financial news stories I've read with those exact words in my head. 'Mikey, one story, two stories, three stories! Ha, ha, ha!' Yes, very amusing, Voice.