Thursday, 2 January 2014

Aubrey Lee Price has been arrested - even though he's dead!

A rather strange story, this. Aubrey Lee Price is an American banker who committed suicide last year. He was wanted by the FBI for alleged wire fraud. So far, so normal. It happens all the time, you're thinking. But no! Aubrey has just been picked up by cops in Georgia for driving a car with windows. (Apparently, that's illegal in Georgia.) 'So he's not dead, boss?' Well, I don't know, Voice. The Feds will have to investigate. 'Well, he's not a zombie, is he?!' How do I know, man? The whole story hasn't come out yet.

Technically, a zombie is one of the undead, er, I think. It doesn't really matter, does it?

Staying with America, if you don't mind, dear reader(s), have you seen those two American programmes on TV, Storage Hunters and Storage Wars? They're absolutely brilliant, and very addictive. People bid for abandoned storage units. Sometimes they find worthless junk, maybe dirty pants or a broken toaster, other times they find valuable stuff like a helicopter or a vintage fire engine, or just something crazy like a flame-thrower. / They're on Dave and ITV4.

I'm recovering from a cold, man. I've been snorting Lemsip. 'Are you supposed to do that?' I'm joking. I've been drinking it. / You know, I once saw a guy walking down the street wearing a Lemsip sweatshirt. 'Ha!' There are some funny people about.

I might go to the pub tomorrow, if it's not pissing down. Some chips, and couple of pints. Just what the doctor ordered!

Laters ...