Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Aviva Investors has millions for "compensation" for "breaches" ... but not a penny for me!

Oh, lovely. It's nice to know who your friends are, ain't it? / 'What's the problem, boss?' Voice, I missed this. The news was sneaked out by sneaky journalist bastards on Christmas Eve. 'They're something, those journalists, eh? Real pieces of work!' Yeah, I know. / But, anyway, Aviva Investors has put £92 million aside as possible compensation for anyone who wants it (customers, I suppose) just because two of their former traders breached some absurd trading policy. Some nonsense about gilt trades. 'Oh, right. And meanwhile there's you, who ain't got a pot to piss in, man, who could actually do with the money, you don't get a fucking penny out of these slags, even though -' Yeah, I know, even though, Voice, I've been a good friend to them for ages now. 'More than a friend, Mikey. You've been a spiritual leader, a shaman. And you haven't charged for this service.' Oh, but I will, man! I'm preparing an invoice. I reckon £2 million should cover it. They'll still have £90 million for the bullshit compensation. 'Good. You're doing the right thing. There ain't no friends in this business, man.' I'm starting to learn that.


If that's the way they want to play it ... What do I care? I'll get my money. / I'm just too soft. I let people get away with murder.

Oh, forget about it. I've got to clear my mind. I'm all upset now. And I was hoping to work on Gilly, Gilly later.

Thank God I've got my music! / Finance, eh? Christ. One day, all this will be a bad memory. Maybe not even that. I've got to stay positive. / I'll contemplate my egg sandwich - the eating of it, I mean. 'That's something to look forward to, Mikey.' Yeah.

I didn't get any crisps.