Thursday, 30 January 2014

Paul Singer doesn't like the minimum wage

Over in America. But I doubt he likes it anywhere else either. Well, I mean, he's against a hike in the wage. Yeah, Paul Singer. Christ. Oh, Mr Singer is the boss of the Elliott Management hedge fund, I suppose. Never mind. I'll tell you something, dear reader(s), I'm sick of explaining to these guys, guys like Paul, that capitalism ain't just for them, you know? It's for other people, too. Ordinary people are allowed to make money, too. Now, don't get the wrong idea. These ordinary people, they're not asking for the fucking moon. They want to eat and pay their rent, that's all. And the classic argument is: "An increase in the minimum wage will destroy jobs." Ah, well, be careful. Be very careful. What if the poor come back with: "Fuck your jobs, man. We don't want your stinking slave jobs, anyway. Maybe we'll take a leaf out of Charles Manson's book and get medieval on your rich boy asses." Ha! What are the rich going to do then? Get out the water cannon? There ain't enough water cannon in the world, son. So be careful. Be very careful. My advice is: "Put the minimum wage up, then we can have a bit of fucking civilization, you dig?" It's simple, real simple. Why do I have to explain this shit?

End of sermon. 'Sermon, Mikey?! There aren't any priests that talk like you, man.' I know, Voice. They're all pussies. These are desperate times. They should man up.

If Jesus were alive, he'd talk like me. I'm sure the Bible has been messed about with. Jesus had balls, you dig? He wasn't in the religion racket for the money, the house, the company car, the expense account. He had different fish to fry.

It's hell on earth.