Thursday, 16 January 2014

Who is Matthew Sidman?

Yeah, man. / Who is Matthew Sidman? Who is he? Who is Matthew Sidman. I don't know. / He's just, er ... a hedge fund guy, as you might expect ... with a new hedge fund. I think he used to work at an old hedge fund ... / He might have trained as a vet, I don't know. Or he was in Vietnam. I get confused ... / And, er, Matthew, Matthew Sidman, likes to hang out in the Boston area ... in America, obviously ... and that's about it. / I don't know what else ...

Well, I'm not going to get all excited. I've lost count of the hedge fund guys and their funds.

Frankly, I'm tired of all this. I just want to play my guitar and get on with finishing Gilly, Gilly. One simple lyric is the only thing that is separating me from my destiny.

It's not Matthew's fault. No doubt he's a decent guy. But I don't know how much longer I can cope, you know?

Seven years I've been ... / Of course, there are bastards who have been doing it forever. They don't have souls. I have a soul, so ...

Don't take this too seriously, dear reader(s). I'm just feeling really down today. How are you feeling?

The rain has stopped. It's a bit sunny out. But I can't go out. Not until tomorrow. Then I'll be in the pub down by the river. A couple of pints. Some chips. I like my routine ...

I'm really pissed off, man.