Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Michael Cannon has been hired by Coherence Capital Partners

You remember Sal Naro, don't you, dear reader(s)? He's that great guy, the chief executive of Coherence Capital Partners. 'Coherence?' You know, the asset manager in New York. 'Er ...' Well, Sal's just given Michael Cannon a job. 'Cannon? Michael Cannon? No, never heard of him, Mikey.' What, Voice?! Mikey. Mikey Cannon. He's a UBS veteran. I should imagine lots of people at UBS know who he is. I mean, he was there for sixteen years, man. 'All right.' / Anyway, he's now a senior portfolio manager and partner at Coherence.

Here's a statement from Sal Naro: "Man, I am delighted to have Mikey as part of the Coherence Capital team. I'm right over the moon, just gone, yeah? My consciousness, you dig? Mikey's proven talent and experience will further enhance our ability to manage fixed income assets at this critical time in our growth. But who gives a shit about that? Only squares. I'm frying different fish these days. I'm not a cold-eyed finance monster. No, I've changed. And I know Mikey Cannon from years ago, man. He's changed too. We'll be exploring ourselves, together. Inside, and out. It's gonna be a blast!"

Wow! Eh? Wow! That's my influence, that is. 'You haven't been wasting your time, after all, boss.' Of course I haven't! / And the beautiful thing is, Sal will find that he makes even more money with this new outlook on life.


Oh, man. Man, I'm fed up! I've got a nice cheese sandwich for lunch though. Yeah ... / I haven't been playing guitar much, and I haven't finished Gilly, Gilly yet. I've got to make progress ... soon! Oh, I can't let this drag on. Christ! I just get depressed, you know? It's the weather, and the news.

A conceptual, later, No. 183. / Laters ...