Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nigel Farage has said that women working in finance must sacrifice family life to succeed

Well, well, well ... / What Nigel should have said is: Anyone who wants to succeed in finance must sacrifice their LIFE!!! / The gender doesn't matter. And it's more than family life that anyone must give up. They must give up the whole of life.

Now that's a sacrifice! No fun, no going out, no going home. You must stay in the office. You must sleep in the office - in the toilet, or under your desk. Your boss isn't fussed. You are given a choice, dear reader(s). Get in the toilet, or get under your desk! But you are not going home. You'll never go home again. Unless you're happy to be a loser.

And it could have been so different. / Man, I got into finance to change things, you know? I wanted to see bankers and hedgies ... flowers in their hair, dancing and singing, hitting the peyote, out in the desert ... with the blood and the fire, so alive! / A few of you had the balls and the spirit to join me, but not enough of you. So I shut down the desert, astral and physical. / Where are we now? I'm isolated, cold, remote, an angry god. I'm trying to get away from here, with my music. And you? Well ... NO LIFE. When you're not sitting at your desk, you're under it or in the toilet. Ha! I can't help you no more. I'm looking after number one. Yes! As soon as I get a publishing deal for my songs, maybe even a recording deal ... farewell, my friends! Farewell! / Oh, this blog will fall silent, and years from now strangers will come: "What's this?! What genius, madman, or demon put such insanity before the eyes of ordinary men and women who were only looking for a shedload of cash?" / We all have a destiny ...