Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Liontrust's inflows aren't so mad at the moment

Do you remember last summer, dear reader(s)? 'I do, Mikey.' It was a lovely summer, Voice. I hope it's going to be nice this year. / Anyway, last summer, I wrote that Liontrust was getting mad inflows, man. 'I remember.' Well, the situation has changed. 'Oh dear.' Yeah. Liontrust saw inflows fall by 22 per cent in the final quarter of 2013 (due to someone singing Bob Marley's Redemption Song in the office every day, all day long. It distracted the workers. But they've got rid of the idiot now, thank God!) So, should we be concerned? 'Well ...' Well, all I can say is, I'm not concerned, man. 'No?' Liontrust has more than £3.5 billion under management. 'Christ! What are we worried about, son?!' Nothing, Voice. Nothing at all. Everything is beautiful with Liontrust.

And everything is beautiful with me! / Gilly, Gilly is definitely finished. 'No! I don't believe it!' Oh yes. I had a quick run through earlier this morning and it sounded real cool. With my acoustic guitar, it sounds like a classic piece of bubblegum pop. (The country vibe has gone.) But with an electric guitar, I reckon it could sound like a garage band classic, like something The Stooges would have done.

Things are getting serious ... / There are going to be three songs on my demo. The top two places are sorted. So, it's a choice between Gilly, Gilly and My Heart for third place. I'm saying with full conviction that My Heart is one of the greatest songs ever written, but then so is You're Lying which will be in the second spot. I'll probably go with Gilly, Gilly because it's cool and groovy, you dig? / Three years of heartache, man. I've sweated blood on these songs. Writing this blog has been a piece of piss - yeah, even my best posts like the immortal words one - but getting these songs has been a nightmare.

Radio silence for a while. No more music updates! I've got rehearsing and recording to do.

Well ... I've bought myself a luxury egg sandwich to celebrate. Free range eggs, the works. / Laters, reader(s) ...