Thursday, 9 January 2014

I've never heard of Glenview Capital Management

It's new to me, this hedge fund. I have genuinely never heard of it. And I've got a funny feeling I will never hear of Glenview Capital Management, even though it was the best-performing large hedge fund last year. And even though its Opportunity fund soared 84.2 per cent. It's all bats and softballs as far as I'm concerned.

UK retailers had a poor Christmas. I'm talking Marks & Spencer, Tesco, and Morrisons. / Well, what did they expect? No one's got no money. The recovery is in house prices (which you can't spend, it's not money in your pocket) and billionaires getting themselves new yachts. There's no recovery for Mr Average Joe - whoever he is. I'm telling you, dear reader(s): one day, there'll be fifty to a hundred super-rich guys in the world, and everyone else will be living in shit. That's the way things are going. Ain't capitalism grand?

The only thing you can do is enjoy yourself in the short time you have left. Buy a guitar. Sing a sad song, or a happy one. I don't care. But don't go to work. Don't worry about your family. Contemplate the cosmos. There are billions of planets out there. A lot of them are inhabited by intelligent beings. Yeah, real intelligent. / Maybe they'll have more luck than we've had. Maybe they're already lucky. Maybe they've got everything sorted. Maybe they've got more than two brain cells to rub together - do you know what I mean?

Oh, Christ. / I should just head for Cornwall. My followers will follow me. We'll get a farm. We'll eat pasties. We'll drink cider. We'll wait for the revolution. We'll wait for the rich and the poor to wipe each other out. Then we will take over.

Anyone got a better idea?