Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ardmore Global Investors?

COME ON!!! YES, YES, YES!!! / 'Eh?' Some exciting news, dear reader(s). Chris Connor is putting capital to work! 'Who the hell is Chris Connor, boss?!' Christ! Chris Connor is the man at Ardmore Global Investors. The man! He runs it. The managing partner or something. And the founder. 'Oh.' He was a partner at JAT Capital Management, too. 'Oh.' You see? 'Yeah.' He has $120 million in assets. Well, the hedge fund does. 'Okay.'

I mean ... Christ! Never mind. I try my best ... 'What about his profile on LinkedIn, boss?' Uh, it's nothing special. He doesn't say much about himself. Shy, maybe, although ... 'The profile might be a fake one.' No, our Chris has over five hundred connections. 'Impressive!' Yes, it's the real Mr Connor all right. / Ha! But this is interesting ... one of his skills, apparently, is "financial modelling". It takes all sorts, I suppose. 'What on earth is financial modelling, man?!' Oh, it's the new thing that these hedgies do. They pose in the nude, almost, with just banknotes covering their modesty. Then they put the photos on social media, you know, to show off to friends, enemies, clients. I don't know. 'Crazy!' It's very immature, Voice, but that's just how some of them get their kicks these days.


Other news? George Martin has passed away. Most producers aren't that important to an artist's sound, but imagine Tomorrow Never Knows, Strawberry Fields Forever and A Day in the Life without him. Also, he was very cool under pressure. Just watch this!

My music? [Yeah, I'm still writing about my music. So what?! This is a music blog, man. 'Er ...' Shut up, Voice!] I'm getting anxiety about doing the lyric for my new tune. I was depressed yesterday, thinking about it. I don't want to mess it up. I'm aiming for a pop song that is the equivalent of Smells Like Teen Spirit in rock music. Something that just blows everything else away, you dig? Well, my tune has got the same force and impact. [In a poppy manner, of course. And at a slower pace.] / No prisoners! No prisoners! NO PRISONERS!!!