Thursday, 24 March 2016

Chinh Chu is back!

Yeah, back, man. With a new firm. Chinh Chu. 'Who?' Chinh Chu, Voice. 'Oh.' He was a big guy at Blackstone, a master dealmaker. Everyone loved him. Until he left last year. 'Oh. Don't they love him no more, boss?' Well, they probably have nice memories of him. But we all move on in life, don't we? [He's still an "adviser" to the firm, apparently. Obviously, there's absolutely no need for the quotation marks. I'm a drama queen!] Chinh Chu is preparing for the future now. 'Okay. And what's the name of this new firm?' No one knows yet. I mean, it doesn't have a name. 'I see.' Don’t be like that, Voice. It's not bullshit. This firm will happen. I can tell you and the readers that it's going to be a SPAC thing with a blank check. Whatever a SPAC thing is. I don't know. I'm no expert. 'A blank check?' Yeah, our Chinh has more money than sense. 'Are you going to ask him for a loan?' Ha! I might ask him for a gift, man. I'm sure he can afford a gift. 'How much?' £100,000 should cover it. 'Cover what?' I don't know. Anything I feel like buying. 'You're shameless, Mikey.'

Well, if you don't ask, you don't get - that's my philosophy. / By the way, our Chinh is hoping to raise $1 billion. '$1 billion?!' Yeah. So, £100,000 out of that is nothing. Chump change. I'm feeling very positive about the whole situation.


Anything else? Music? Well, I'm listening to Japan, Exorcising Ghosts, for reasons best known to myself. They're all right, I suppose. / I have nice memories - 'Of Chinh?!' - of the song Night Porter, man, from my holiday in Cornwall last year. 'Oh.' There was only one rainy morning, and I was on Porth Kidney Sands, and the sea was right out, miles, and I was walking on the sand, and it was misty, and I could just see the crests of the waves, and I was listening to Night Porter ... and it was a pretty mystical experience, I have to say. I was practically the only person on this enormous beach, too.

Anyway, it's Easter. Laters, yeah?