Monday, 7 March 2016

Tiger Global Management, uh, losses ...

Well, well ... Christ! Monday, is it? The morning. 'Ha!' / I'm not much in the mood for finance today, much, to tell you the truth, so much, dear reader(s). Oh, I'll be getting a-ROUND later, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, but no finance ... [... and maybe only one conceptual this week, so make the most of it, yeah? Just get incredibly DIZZY(!), my little spinner(s)!] / So, well, yes, we have Tiger Global to deal with. Er ... losses! Don't panic!

Jesus! Monday, and morning ... / I'm sure it's no big deal. Actually, the firm is Tyger Global. William Blake. Poetic shit. 'Ha!' Never mind. As I was saying, it's no big deal that Charles Payson "Chase Me" Coleman III's Tyger Global lost 8.5 per cent last month, and - 'It's down 22.5 per cent for the year, boss.' Shut up, Voice, please, please. I'll tell them! It's my blog. / Yeah, 22.5 per cent. I don't know which year. 'The year, boss.' Thank you, Voice. It's the year, whichever year that is. Who cares?! Let's give Chase a chance to get it all back. / What else? Anything else?!

[Chase!!! If you're reading this, son, we're giving you more time. I ain't chasing you though. Not my scene, you dig?]


Anything else? Something else. Music! I'm listening to London Calling by The Clash. I've never really liked this band before, but I like this album. Impressively, with nineteen tracks there is hardly any filler. If you listen to Elvis Costello's Get Happy, you'll find most of the twenty songs are filler except for a couple of classics, High Fidelity and New Amsterdam. [I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down) is a cover version.] / By the way, the download of London Calling is only £3.99 on Amazon. So, a bargain too!

My music? I think I'm going to stop my updates. Now my demo is done, there's no point in writing about every small thing ... HOWEVER(!!!), I can tell you that I've finished my new tune. It's a pop ballad [not a crooner's ballad like You're Lying, more like All The Young Dudes or Waterloo Sunset, hopefully, ha!] around four minutes fifteen seconds. It's my best piece of music, and I reckon that with the right lyric it will be my best song. / Maybe it will turn up on my demo blog in a few weeks, or maybe not. I'm not making any promises. Ah, that's it, man!!!