Tuesday, 15 March 2016

LCP's property wish list for the Budget

Right, it's the, er ... Tuesday night PR email now, back by popular demand. 'Tuesday night, boss? That's a new one on me.' Shut up!

Let's get it done. [Who are LCP?!] It's been a long day.

The 2016 Budget is upon us and the property industry is anxiously anticipating what is in store for the property market and the results of the consultation on the 3% additional stamp duty, set to apply to second homes and buy to let properties.

Okay. What are the wishes?

1) Protect domestic buyers buying their first main residence by ring-fencing purchases made before the April 2016 implementation date.

2) Encourage homeownership, but not at the expense of the private rented sector which needs to expand to accommodate the increasing population.

3) Everyone should have the opportunity to buy one property in the UK at BRSD, if they do not already hold a property in the UK, wherever they are located.

Well, I don't know. The problem is, people in this country can't afford to live any more. A lot of people are struggling to put food on the table, let alone buy a bloody house, yeah?

It's all cloud cuckoo land, and we're all going down, reader(s). I can't see any way that civilization (as we know it) can be kept going long term. I mean, I bought that new Mad Max DVD recently, the one with Tom Hardy. That's the future, man! And Tom was eating lizards or insects or something, and some psycho was using him as a fucking blood bag - believe it or not. I didn't see Tom popping into the estate agent's. Do you know what I mean? 'I think the film is set in Australia, Mikey.' So?!

Ah, laters.