Thursday, 8 September 2016

Envoy Capital Management has launched its first fund!

Yeah, yeah ... /  In New York. The first fund. I don't know what it's called. 'Envoy Fund No. 1 ... or something, I suppose, boss.' Maybe, Voice.

Envoy is a private capital investor primarily focused on providing debt and equity funding to independent sponsors, family offices and owner-operators for buyouts and recapitalizations.

Nice. Very nice. [From LinkedIn. Norm's profile.] Uh, Neil Marks and Norm Lieu are the guys behind it. They used to work at Praesidian Capital. 'For their sins?' Well, for their peccadilloes, I should imagine. If that makes any sense.

Jesus H. Christ! This morning ... / Not that I'm in the mood for sense, my friend(s). 'Are they in the mood for sense, Neil and Norm?' Probably not. I mean, I'm looking at their website ... 'Okay. And?' And ... and ... NOTHING! It's just white, pure white nothingness. 'Oh.' And I actually like it, you know? 'Hang on, boss! The website has loaded! Ha!' Oh, that's a surprise! I thought for a moment that, er ... Neil and Norm were being all existential, like. 'But they weren't. Their website took a while to load, that's all.' Well, you live and learn, Voice. Never ever jump to conclusions, reader(s). Our Neil and Norm aren't existentialists. They're just regular finance guys. And I take my hat off to them! I wouldn't wish my DESPAIR(!!!) on anyone.

Now, what have we got?

Prior to founding Envoy Management, Mr. Marks was a co-founder of Praesidian Capital, where between 2002 and 2012 he played a key role in transaction origination, structuring and execution, as well as portfolio management and firm management.

Oh, a founder!

Prior to founding Envoy Management, Mr. Lieu was an investment professional at Praesidian Capital, where between 2008 and 2011 he focused on diligence, underwriting new investments and portfolio management.

Nice. Very nice.


Well, well ... / Yeah, that's it. Until tonight. 'What's happening tonight, Mikey?' A PR email. 'Great!' Ha!