Monday, 12 September 2016

John Dickie and Whit Matthews have got new jobs at Aberdeen Asset Management

Well done, guys! / Actually, it might be R. Whit Matthews. That might be his full name. 'Why, boss?' Well, that's what he likes to call himself on his LinkedIn profile. 'Oh.' And he's wearing a lovely green bow tie in the picture. 'I beg your pardon?' I said he's wearing a lovely green bow tie, Voice. Lime green or emerald green, I suppose. I don't know. 'Okay. Uh ... / Let's move on!' And there's quite a bit of information about him. It's quite a full profile. 'What about John Dickie? What about his profile?' Nothing much there, man. No picture. No mention of Aberdeen Asset Management. It just says he works in venture capital and private equity in the Greater Boston area. 'Not in Aberdeen?' No. Boston. 'That's strange!' Is it? 'Well ...'

Never mind. I mean ... / Anyway, Mr Dickie was at Flag (or FLAG!!!) Capital Management. Mr Matthews was at SL Capital Partners. 'And what are their jobs now? Honestly, it's like getting blood from a stone!' Give me a chance, Voice, for Christ's sake! Mr Dickie is co-head of U.S. private equity. 'Nice.' And Mr Matthews is just a ... senior investment manager. So - 'Which isn't bad for a man with a lime green bow tie - when you think about it, boss.' Emerald green. 'Well, the jury is still out on that one.' Yeah. Well, lime green. Yes, it's lime green. You're right for once, Voice.

Not that it matters. COME ON!!! Who cares what type of green a man's bow tie is? You can't judge a man by his bow tie. A man, a real man, is bigger than his bow tie!


Ah, that's enough. Anything else? Oh, I went to the pub on Friday. I drank Cokes, and still got a migraine that made me sick. 'Ha! It's your laptop screen and your smart phone. Wake up, Mikey!' Well, what am I supposed to do? Dump them? Maybe I should wear sunglasses.

Music? I'm listening to David Bowie's best live album, Live in Santa Monica '72. It was a bootleg, originally. 'Deja Vu. You've used those exact words before!' Ha! Yes, I copy and pasted them. What's your problem?

One more thing: I bought a cactus on Friday. But it needs food! What will they think of next?!