Monday, 26 September 2016

Rothschild's Five Arrows Secondary Opportunities IV - ?!

Oh ... What's that?! ... you're probably wondering, dear reader(s). Well, I don't see why. It's obviously a new fund. 'Tell us more, boss!' Okay, Voice. Rothschild Merchant Banking has raised €451 million for this European secondaries fund.

Rothschild Merchant Banking is the investment arm of the Rothschild & Co Group. It deploys the firm's capital, alongside that of a select set of leading institutional and private investors. With global commitments in excess of €6 billion, Rothschild Merchant Banking manages a series of funds dedicated to corporate and secondary private equity, multi-managers funds as well as senior and junior credits.

'That's about the firm. What about the fund?' Christ!

Five Arrows Secondary Opportunities ("FASO"), the European small and mid-cap secondary business of Rothschild Merchant Banking, is pleased to announce that it has completed the fundraising of Five Arrows Secondary Opportunities IV ("FASO IV" or "the Fund") at €451 million after only a few months of fundraising and above its target size.

You see? A firm inside a firm inside a firm inside a firm inside a firm inside a firm ... 'Like the Russian dolls?' What Russian dolls?! 'Those dolls, man. With the smaller dolls inside, yeah?' Yeah, okay. Whatever. 'Is this a PR email, boss, back by popular demand?' No. No, it isn't. I found this myself, on the internet, on their site, a PDF thing. 'You're so clever.' Tell me about it! / Here's some more -

A significant majority of limited partner commitments originated from existing investors in Five Arrows Secondary Opportunities III ("FASO III"). In addition, the Fund attracted strong interest from new investors comprising top tier institutions and family offices around the globe. FASO's seasoned and cohesive investment team is comprised of 13 professionals and is run by Mireille Klitting, its Fund's Managing Partner. FASO IV will continue to focus on European small and mid-cap secondary transactions. The Fund will seek to maintain its predecessor funds' strong bias towards Secondary Direct transactions, where it purchases portfolios of companies. FASO IV has already completed its first two European Secondary Directs transactions.

Well, I wish them all the best with it. / Actually, I probably will be doing a PR email, very late tonight or early tomorrow. 'And a conceptual.' Yes, one of those, too. Somewhere in between. I've got a lot of work to do! I'm not a waster. 'No one's saying you are, boss.' Good.


Anything else? Well, dear reader(s), I can tell you it's a very depressing Monday morning (a bit brighter now, in truth). Summer is definitely over.

She's my best friend. Certainly not your average girl. Yeah, she's my best friend. She understands me when I'm feeling down ...

Music? Oh, I'm listening to Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed. It worries me that a lot of great music stars are forgotten about when they die ... / It's the way of the world, I suppose. People are still talking about David Bowie though. Not Prince so much, I reckon. And who cares about George Bernard Shaw these days? 'I loved his albums, boss!' Don't be ridiculous, Voice!

Er ... 'Music update?' I don't do those any more. I'm fed up with them, man. 'Just one more. Go on.' Oh, all right. I've finished writing my four new songs. 'Yippee!' That means I have seven songs now (not including the ones I've scrapped, like My Heart and Gilly, Gilly). / I just gotta rehearse and record ...