Thursday, 1 September 2016

Gareth Isaac has left Schroders

So one of my chivatos tells me. And it's all true. I've checked online. Gareth wants to pursue other opportunities now. 'They always do, boss.' What, Voice? 'His sort. They always want to pursue other opportunities. It's like a sickness with them.' Well ... he was at Schroders for five years, you know. He's not a fly-by-night character. He was working with Bob Jolly, by the way. 'Ha!' Don't be like that, man. I've warned you before.

Yes, dear reader(s), our Gareth has left. Or maybe he's still there. 'What do you mean, boss?' Well, they always say they've left, don't they? In the media, like. Then you find out they're actually hanging around for a while. 'Like a bad smell, you mean?' Er, no, I don't mean that. I mean they have loose ends to tie up. At least, I imagine they do. They don't just flounce out of the door, do they? 'They might do. If they've had a bust-up with Mr Jolly.' What?! 'I'll be honest with you, boss. If I had to work with Mr Jolly every day I would find it rather depressing. His positive attitude, always looking on the bright side of life. The way he just smiles all the time, yeah? I couldn't cope with it.' You're being ridiculous now, Voice. You don't even know the man.

Reader(s), come on, seriously. That's not why our Gareth has left. The guy has been in finance for eighteen years, I think. (I'm looking at his LinkedIn profile. Actually, maybe longer. LinkedIn doesn't tell you everything. 'You've got to sign in, boss.' I ain't signing in!) I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to make a fresh start in another area. 'No more finance?!'


I'm one hundred percent behind you, Gareth! There's a big world out there. Go and live your dreams!


Anything else? Music? What am I listening to? Aladdin Sane by David Bowie. I find it interesting that Bowie had so many classic albums with cover versions on them. [Let's Spend the Night Together on this one.] Normally, I wouldn't approve, but it works most of the time. [Not on Young Americans though, with a pretty crap version of Across the Universe. Even Lennon couldn't understand why he wanted to record that song.] And there was Pin Ups, of course. Friday on My Mind was the best thing on that album.

My music? No update on the new songs front, I'm afraid. 'For Christ's sake, Mikey! Pull your finger out!' Yeah, yeah ... BUT(!) I was playing my guitar yesterday. Lead guitar, you know? I reckon I'm better now than a few months ago when I recorded that blues improvisation stuff. 'You gotta keep on rockin' in the free world, man!' Ha! With my Epiphone Les Paul? It's a pleasure, son.