Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Global Lego Group sales grew ten percent in first half of 2016!

Great news for Ewan Kirk! / Yes, it's the Wednesday morning PR email, back by popular demand.

The LEGO Group delivered a turnover of DKK 15,692 million in the first half of 2016 while at the same time accelerating investments in building capacity and capabilities around the globe in order to prepare for future growth. Sales growth was driven by innovation in well-established lines like LEGO City and LEGO NINJAGO, as well as in the brand new theme LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS. Regionally, sales growth was particularly strong in both Europe and Asia with both regions achieving high double-digit growth, while sales development in the Americas region was flat year over year.

Nexo Knights? Whatever.

Commenting on the financial result, LEGO Group President and CEO Jorgen Vig Knudstorp says: "It is our ambition to reach many more children all over the world with fun and creative LEGO experiences and it is exciting for all of us to see that our products are loved and cherished by children globally. Maintaining double-digit growth year on year through more than a decade is a testament to the never ending possibilities that children find in LEGO play, and the result of the hard work of more than 18,000 LEGO colleagues around the world."

Ha! Not just children though. Someone should tell our Vig that - 'Our Vig? You mean Jorgen?' I call him Vig now, Voice - ... that, that, where was I, am I? ... ah, fund managers enjoy playing with Lego, too.

"It is particularly impressive that we continue our high growth in Europe where we have our most mature markets. At the same time, we are very satisfied to see high growth rates for Asia where we are making considerable investments in capacity and capabilities. In the US, we acknowledge that we have not provided the initiatives and support needed to keep the same high level of growth. As a result, we have worked closely with our customers and dialled up our initiatives in the American market, in order to regain momentum," says Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer John Goodwin.

Okay, okay, that's enough, Vig, mate. 'Er ... that was John Goodwin, boss.' Who?! 'John Goodwin.' Never heard of him!


Let's move on! / I ain't got much else to say. Uh, I'm in a confused state this morning, reader(s), thinking of different things, man. Shit I gotta do, you dig? Yeah.