Monday, 19 September 2016

Ray Dalio is doing a renovation

Ah, that's nice, isn't it? Yeah, I thought the offices at Bridgewater Associates were looking a bit rundown. (Not that I've ever been there - not in my physical body, anyway.) Our Ray is getting the decorators in. And the builders. (Some shit needs to be repaired, obviously.) I hope he's hired good firms to do the work. I wonder what colour the walls will be ... 'Boss, he's sacking people, for Christ's sake!' What? 'Mr Dalio is sacking people. That's the renovation.' Ha! What on earth are you talking about, Voice?! That's not a renovation. 'Yes it is, when Mr Dalio uses the word.' Uh. No, no, no. I don't believe it. I mean, surely ... it would be utterly demonic to use language in that way? 'Well ... that's what he's doing.' Jesus! Well, I'm shocked, man. What about the decorators? What about the builders? 'There will be no decorators, boss. And no builders.' Oh, so he's doing them out of work as well, is he? 'Yeah.' This is a fucking outrage! 'Of course it is. And you must take action now. A curse or something. What's the plan, boss?' I'm going to write to my congressman. Let's see how Ray likes that apple, or them apples. [One or more apples in such a situation, dear reader(s)?] 'Don't be ridiculous!' Well, my MP then. I don't know.

H. (Jesus ... Christ.) / It's just the way the world is going, I suppose. One minute you have a job, the next minute you're being renovated. The only way to fight it ... is to not have a job in the first place. 'Eh?' EVERYBODY OUT! NOW! 'Ha!' Yeah. Let's see how the capitalists cope when all the workers say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! NO MORE EXPLOITATION!


Anything else? Oh, I'm sure there is, if you give me a moment. / Oh, just music, really. I'm listening to The Beatles. Songs like I Don't Want to Spoil the Party and The Night Before and Don't Bother Me and Tell Me Why. 'But they're not really classics, Mikey, are they?' Well, I like them, man. It makes a nice change from listening to the big hits. Leave me alone.

And there's one song I play (and sing) quite a bit on my guitar, This Boy. I haven't got the recording though, for some reason. [Interesting fact: Jimmy Page plays guitar on the instrumental version used in the film A Hard Day's Night.]

Well, well ... / Laters, yeah?