Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Aviva Investors and the profits

Jesus H. Christ! Profits? Profits? Profits? What the hell are profits?! 'Profits are for squares, boss.' Tell me about it! / I've just found this old story on the internet about some shareholder complaining about a lack of profit at Aviva Investors. 'How old?' Er ... oh, only a week or so, actually. So it's still going on, the moaning. 'Some people are never happy, boss.' Well, Voice, I won't name this guy because it's a sensitive matter, you dig? 'Yeah.' I mean, we don't know what's happening in this guy's life. 'No, we don't.' We don't know his emotional state. 'No, we don't.' But I will say this ...

There's more to life than making a profit. You dig, reader(s)? The boys and girls at Aviva Investors are beautiful people. 'And they're led by a great guy, Euan Munro.' Listen, man, Euan Munro is a personal friend of mine, and I won't hear a word said against him. 'Man, he's a great guy.' Good.

Well, well ... / Okay, okay. I've just looked out the window. Sure, the weather ain't too wonderful today, but it's nearly the summer season. The Aviva Investors crowd will be in the park soon. [I think they've had a few days already.] 'Big time!' Yeah. Now, what are we going to tell them? Sorry, guys, the summer season is cancelled. Get back in the office, and manage those funds! 'Ha! They won't go for that, boss. They just won't. And, anyway, where does Schroders come into it?' Oh, good point, Voice. I'm glad you mentioned Schroders. I mean, what is Schroders doing now? I know they have their own funds to manage, but, uh ... 'It's a shame, if they're letting things slide.' Well, never mind. I don't want to be too critical. They do the best they can. 'Yes.' In a perfect world, man, the Schroders mob would be in the park, too. 'Aviva Investors are trailblazers, boss!' Of course they are!

Oh, profits, eh? / Right. I've said what I needed to say. So, let's hear no more bullshit talk about Aviva Investors being sold off.


Anything else? Politics? I ain't talking about the UK, reader(s). It's really boring compared to the US. 'Ha!' / Well, what are the Republicans going to do? Are they going to abandon ship ... soon, or are they going to go down with Trump? 'Who cares?!' What did I say a few months ago? 'I don't know, boss.' I said something like, er ... Trump and Brexit are the last dying spasms of conservatism. 'Cool!' I stand by that.

Laters, blog fans!