Monday, 15 May 2017

Who is Jerome Saragoussi?

Well, well ... / I'm in a reasonably good mood this morning, dear readers(s). I woke up at four. 'What?! That would put me in a bad mood, boss.' Yes, Voice, but I had a new tune in my head. 'Oh.' Yeah, I sang it into my Zoom Handy recorder thing, and then I went back to sleep. 'Nice one!' So, I'm in a good mood. 'Okay. What about this Saragoussi character then? Who the hell is he?' Eh? Saragoussi?! Er ... oh, you mean Jerome? Our Jerome, ha!

Christ! Well, you see, our Jerome has just been hired by Light Sky Macro to be its director of trading strategy. He was - maybe still is, I don't know if he's left yet, but he has resigned - a big noise at Deutsche Bank where he was - or, uh, er, still is - director of rates, volatility, and relative value. 'Oh, I doubt he's hanging around, boss. He probably wants to get started at Light Sky Macro as soon as possible.' Yes. He's definitely a man of action, this Jerome, our Jerome. 'What is Light Sky Macro?' Ha! Don't you know anything, Voice? It's a new hedge fund. 'Yeah? Brilliant! Founded by ... ?' Founded by Benny Melkman, man! 'Oh. Who's he?!' I have absolutely no idea who he is. Just a hedge fund founder, that's enough.

Well, well ... / Of course, Bloomberg says: Light Sky Macro LP operates as an investment firm. The Company offers investment advisory and portfolio management services. Which is really helpful. 'I reckon we'd be lost without Bloomberg, boss.' Oh, you reckon?

Anyway. More details, dear reader(s)? The hedge fund is based in New York. 'In America?' Yes, Voice, New York in America. And it has - or should have - roughly $400 million in lovely AUM. 'Great! I love AUM, boss.' We all do, son.


Anything else, reader(s)? Music? I'm listening to a selection of album tracks which aren't filler. There's an art to such songs, you know. Think of Lennon's Doctor Robert or She Said She Said on Revolver. They're not single quality, but you wouldn't skip them when playing the album. However, you might skip Harrison's Love You To and I Want To Tell You on the same album.

Later? No. 512. So, laters.