Thursday, 18 May 2017

MoneyConf - ?!

Last year I was invited to Barcelona. Now it's Madrid. Christ! Man, I don't like travelling. Why can't they hold these things in Cornwall? 'What's this, boss?' MoneyConf, Voice. 'And what the hell is that?!' Ha! It's another conference I've been invited to. It's supposed to be Europe's largest tech and finance event. 'They must love you.' Everyone loves me, son. But I ain't going to Madrid.

We want to build together a conversation around the future of banking and finance, especially in the time of Brexit negotiations and volatile US market volatility. 

Fair enough. But they'll have to do it without me. 'It sounds all right, boss.' I ain't going.

What is Europe's next move for the industry and how are technology and the internet re-shaping the fintech space?

I have no idea. 'No?' I really have no idea. And why do they imagine that I do?

Some confirmed speakers for this year, at this very early stage, include:

Bernardo Sanchez Incera, Deputy CEO of Societe Generale
Samir Desai, Co-Founder & CEO of Funding Circle
Peter Smith, Founder & CEO of Blockchain
Bernardo Sanchez Incera, Deputy CEO of Societe Generale
Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder & CEO of TransferWise
Ignacio Julia Vilar, Chief Innovation Officer of ING Group
Kathryn Petralia, Co-Founder & COO of Kabbage Inc

Well, I'm sure they're a great bunch of lads. 'And Kathryn, boss!' Yes, and Kathryn. / Oh, there's more!

In brief -

Madrid, Spain, June 6-7, 2017

2,000+ global leaders in banking, capital markets, wealth management, insurance and commerce (spanning the breadth of the tech world and beyond - founders and CEOs of tech giants, banking execs, VC investors from the top global funds)

Journalists (from media like Bloomberg, Reuters, Forbes, WSJ, CNBC, etc)

Yeah, and financial shamans and disembodied voices from Money is the way. It sounds amazing. 'Ha!' I genuinely hope that everyone involved has an amazing time, too. 'But you can't make it, boss.' No, I can't make it, Voice.


Anything else? Well, not much. This is the last post of the week. I can tell you, dear reader(s), that I've started writing the lyric for my new tune, the latest "dream" one. Maybe I'll finish it today. / I read in the Sun recently that John Mayer is the greatest singer-songwriter currently working in the world. Well, we'll see about that ...

Update (19/5): I've finished that song, man. It only took four days, too! I've got to decide now if I should put it on the demo as a fifth song or replace the fourth song with it and have only four songs, you dig? Five might be too much. / Anyway, have a nice weekend, pop fan(s)!