Thursday, 25 May 2017

Gatewood Capital Partners - ?!

Right. Okay. This "new" firm has been around for a decade, apparently, but has only just closed its first fund, Gatewood Capital Opportunity Fund LP. What's going on?!

NEW YORK, NY 5/24/17 - Gatewood Capital Partners ("Gatewood"), a New York based private equity firm, announced today ("Yesterday") the successful closing of its first fund, Gatewood Capital Opportunity Fund L.P., with more than $220 million in capital commitments, significantly exceeding its $150 million target. Gatewood Capital Partners seeks to make strategic seed and sponsorship investments in highly qualified emerging managers by providing significant anchor capital. Gatewood expects to launch and invest in more than eight funds over the next three years, with capital sourced from a combination of its discretionary fund and limited partners' co-investments.

Eight funds?! Strange! 'Christ! It's simple, boss.' Go on then, Voice. Tell us. 'Well, this first fund has obviously been open for a long time, and now it's closed. And now they've got the taste for it. There's no mystery, man.' Well, okay, man ... if you say so. I mean, you're the financial expert around here. But I have to say that eight funds is very ambitious ... / Anyway, Gatewood, Gatewood, Gatewood. Have we heard of Gatewood before? 'No.'

Gatewood Capital Partners is an innovative private equity firm with a dedicated fund that seeks to make seed and sponsorship-level investments in highly qualified investment managers pursuing a wide range of private equity and other alternative investments strategies.

Well, there you are, dear reader(s). Gatewood Capital Partners. Private equity. / Oh ... amazingly, they only wanted $150 million for this Opportunity Fund LP thing but ended up with $220 million. 'Good karma, boss.' It must be. Hang on! 'What?' The firm was founded in 2014, uh, according to this. 'What?' Eh? 'This what?' This, man! That's not a decade, is it? 'No. It could be a mistake.' Whatever. I don't even care. I really don't. Let's move on, shall we, dear reader(s)? 'To what, boss?' Er ... ha!


Anything else? No, not a lot. This is the last post of the week. I'm knackered. I need a rest. I think it's those conceptual posts, you know. I really do need to cut down to just one a week. But I'm addicted, man. 'You should go to Conceptual Spinners Anonymous, Mikey.' Yeah, right.