Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Fertitta Capital - ?!

Oh, it's a new private investment firm. 'Nice.' Yeah. Over in America, somewhere. Probably Los Angeles. Formed by the Fertitta brothers, whoever they are. 'They're the Fertitta brothers, boss!' I wouldn't be surprised, Voice. / This new firm has $500 million, to start off with, and it's going to focus on consumer-facing companies in the technology, media, and entertainment sectors.

But who are they?! I know they have philosophy, man. But who are they?!

Who We Are

Fertitta Capital was formed by Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta and Nakisa Bidarian to pursue opportunistic direct investments in consumer-facing companies within the technology, media and entertainment ("TME") sectors. We invest throughout a company's lifecycle and across the capital structure. Our investment philosophy is driven by partnering with exceptional people who we believe can achieve extraordinary results.

Oh, thanks for that, guys! 'Was that them, boss?' It must have been. We both know, and the readers know, that strange voices can come from anywhere, but ... 'That must have been them.' Yes, I think so. It must have been them. Who else could it have been? 'Boss! -'

What We Offer

We provide bespoke solutions and strategic operating guidance to entrepreneurs, companies and investment partners. We do this by adhering to an investment philosophy that focuses on what you need, not just what we offer. Our access to permanent flexible capital, and a streamlined decision-making process, enables us to move quickly when evaluating opportunities. The combined team has over 100 years of advising, investing and operating experience in various sectors, with a proven track record of successful, industry-leading exits.

Bloody hell! They offer stuff, too. And they focus on what people need. Quite impressive! So, er ... is that it? / I said, is that it? / 'Hello, guys. Are you still there?' / Hello ... / 'They've gone, boss. That's all we're getting.' Well, okay. They're busy, no doubt.


Anything else? Music? I'm getting better on lead guitar. 'I thought you were already great on lead, Mikey?' You can always get better, son. I can improvise for four or five minutes at a time now, without making one mistake. I mean, just getting a string buzz is a mistake, really. I'm still not as melodic as I would like, but, but ... but ... I don't know how important this all is, anyway. 'What?!' Listen, Voice, reader(s), as long as I'm good at rhythm guitar and writing songs, like Dylan or Lennon or Marley, not much else matters, you dig? 'Yeah.' You can get obsessed with being a guitar wizard, but what is it worth at the end of the day? Guitar wizards are ten a penny, man.