Thursday, 11 May 2017

Copper Street Capital wants more money!

Well, well ... / External capital, apparently. So ... 'What's this, boss?' Uh, Voice, it's, er ... Jerry del Missier's Copper Street Capital hedge fund, you know? 'Oh. Jerry del Missier? Who's he?' Just some guy, finance guy. 'Oh.' Yeah.

You see, Copper Street Capital launched two years ago in London with $100 million. Not pounds, dear reader(s), dollars. [Dollars. That's what it says here. 'American website?'] All his own money, or maybe from staff/partners, I don't know. But now our Jerry wants $500 million from investors, outside. 'In the street?!' Ha! 'Dollars?' Yeah, he wants dollars, Voice, not pounds. / Who would want pounds? Fucking Brexit, man! Do me a favour!

Anyway, I'm looking at his LinkedIn profile. I'll quote a bit of it -

Jerry is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Copper Street Capital LLP. He is also a former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Barclays Bank Plc and was a member of the bank's Executive Committee. Mr. del Missier joined Barclays in June 1997 as Head of Derivatives and in subsequent years went on to assume responsibility for the Trading, Sales and Research functions. In 2003 he was also appointed Regional Head of Europe for Barclays Capital. He was appointed Co-President of Barclays Capital in 2005 and in 2008 moved to New York to become Barclays Capital President and Regional Head of the Americas.

Well, well ... / He's a bit confused though, ain't he? 'Why, boss?' Well, I mean, one minute he's calling himself "Jerry" and the next minute he's calling himself "Mr. del Missier", but, strangely, he never says "I". 'What, never?!' Never, man. He has never been known to do it. 'Wow! Christ!' Yeah, he's an eccentric. 'Obviously!' Well, yes. And I take my hat off to him. We need more oddballs in finance. I'm sick to death of all the squares.

"Jerry is going to the shop now to buy lunch. Does anyone want anything? Mr. del Missier will get you a cheese sandwich if you like. You can give the money to Jerry later."

'Who said that?' Me! 'Oh.' That's the sort of thing that goes on at Copper Street Capital, and I think it's brilliant. / Good luck with raising the capital, son!


Right. Anything else? Not really. Not yet. There'll be a couple of posts later, I should imagine.

Laters, yeah?