Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Paul Singer has investing rules, lessons

Well, yes. Or something. I don't know. And he wrote them in a letter to ... uh, investors. Five of them. 'Five investors?' Rules. So ... 'Paul, who, boss?' Paul Singer, man. 'Oh.' Yeah, he's that billionaire, hedge fund guy, Elliott Management, against the minimum wage, over in America. 'Only in America?' He lives in America, Voice. He travels a bit, I suppose, maybe. 'No, is this Paul only against it in America?' Against what? What are you talking about?! Listen, son, I'm not much in the mood for your jokes this morning. Let's just get this done, yeah? I was going to tell the readers about my investing rules, lessons, whatever. 'Do you have any?' Ha! Oh, I can get some. I mean, I can pretend, for the sake of this blog post. 'Great!' I don't know what else to write about. There isn't much news.

Right ...

Security prices can be high or they can be low. You can buy them when you want. Who cares? I certainly don't.

The market is turning all the time like a cruel sea or mistress. There's nothing you can do about it. Just enjoy the ride.

When there are big changes in market prices, no one knows why and maybe they will never find out if they have a normal, healthy life to live.

You don't want big losses. Try to avoid big losses. Because instead of being rich you will probably be poor. If you keep on at it, that is.

If you want to be successful as a money manager, you need to be one with the cosmos. Let the consciousness ness of the universal soul pass through you, and you won't go far wrong.

And that's it! 'Christ, boss! Paul Singer put all that in a letter to his investors?! The guy is a nut!' They are my rules, you idiot! 'Oh. / Well, they're good. Very good.' Thank you.


Anything else? Politics? 'No!' I don't discuss politics. I'm sick of it. However ... / Apparently, Theresa May will admit today that Brexit will be an utter disaster unless we can get a good deal with the European Union. 'But aren't they talking about walking away without a deal?' Yes, they are.

Bloody hell! We already have the best deal available. This whole thing is insane. Wealth and jobs and lives will be destroyed. For what? For the illusion of sovereignty. And, uh, control. But, dear reader(s) ... NOTHING WILL CHANGE within you in regards to "sovereignty" and "control". You won't feel any fucking different, trust me. You'll just be poorer and maybe even hungry.