Monday, 8 May 2017

Tecum Capital Partners II - ?!

Yeah, it's a new fund from Tecum Capital. Their second fund, believe it or not. 'I believe it, boss! Look at the II - !!!' Yeah, man, I'm looking. It's very convincing. It's the sort of thing you would put there if you wanted people to believe that you were launching your second fund. / Anyway ...

Tecum Capital is an independent investment firm based in Pittsburgh, PA with over $450 million in assets under management. Tecum is a multi-strategy investor with three funds, Tecum Capital Partners I, Tecum Capital Partners II and Tecum Equity, all of which focus on investing private capital in lower middle market companies that are based in the U.S.

Nice. From their website. Uh ...

Tecum Capital Partners II is a $225 million SBIC fund that focuses on making mezzanine debt and minority equity investments. We partner with independent sponsors, family offices, private equity funds, and management teams to facilitate recapitalizations, buyouts, generational transitions, acquisitions, and other growth capital needs. Our investment size is $3 million to $15 million per transaction and the companies we finance have EBITDA of at least $2 million.

Very nice. And that's everything you need to know, dear reader(s). It goes without saying that I wish them all the best. Why would I wish them all the worst? 'That would be nuts, boss.' Yeah. So ... whatever, yeah? I'm not really in the mood this morning. 'Why?' I'm looking out of the window, Voice.


Well, well ... a cloudy day. 'Ha!' What kind of weather is this? It's supposed to be summer, man.

Never mind.

Anything else? Music? Oh, I've put some new strings on my guitar. Some new Elixirs. 'Great!' They're expensive though. I broke one string, putting it on. I had to take a string from another packet. And now I've had to order online one new string. Just one string! But it's better than buying a whole set, you dig? / But it's my problem, man. You really shouldn't worry about it, dear reader(s).

Anything else? Politics? Fuck politics, yeah? What do you think I am, dear reader(s), eh? Some schnook that ain't aware of the two trillion galaxies in the universe? Have a word with yourself! FFS!

Anything else? 'Ha!' The sad truth is, there's nothing else. There never is. There never was. 'You tell them, Mikey!' Sometimes I enjoy playing a trick on you, pretending that there's something else. But look around, dear reader(s). There is nothing else. 'FFS!' You need to grow up, son. 'Daughter.' Or daughter.