Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Fay Hendon, Abi Turnidge, Natasha Crosby, and Celina Lighton ...

Well, well ... / Aviva Investors has got some sort of new team, apparently. 'Some sort of intermediary sales team, boss, which will be based in London, or so they say - if we can believe them.' Well, it's a smart move, Voice. Lots of nice parks in London, and it's the first of June tomorrow. Hopefully, the team will have three months of glorious sunshine. Er ...

Actually, I don't know if the team is up and running yet. 'They better get a move on.' Fay Hendon is the leader of the team. She's joined from Axa Investment Managers. Abi Turnidge has joined from M&G, so ... 'What about the other two, boss?' Oh, the other two are internal, from Aviva Investors, like. 'So they know the culture then. They'll be able to show Fay and Abi the ropes.' Yeah, of course ... where to get the best ice creams, and who to talk to at Schroders about the funds.

Well, I hope it all works out for them. And I'm in London, so ... 'So, uh, what?' So, man ... if they're in the park one sunny afternoon, and they want some company, and I'm not too busy blogging or playing my guitar, I might go and hang out with them - if they invite me. 'Yeah. If they invite you.' Well, why wouldn't they? I'm the world's foremost financial shaman, Voice, and ... the biggest champion of Aviva Investors on the internet. It's a no-brainer.


Anyway. Is there anything else? No, not really. 'Didn't George send you another PR email?' George?! George, who?! 'George! Nigel's mate.' Oh, George. You mean George. Our Nigel's mate. 'Yeah.' Yeah, he did. But ... I don't know. It's like I’m being stalked or something. 'Ha!' It's best to leave it, man. Seriously.

Music? Politics? I haven't got much to say ... / YouGov reckons there might be a hung parliament. 'Ha!' Yeah, I thought there was going to be a landslide, what with all that strong and stable bollocks everyone loves so much. Funny old business, ain't it?

Well, music? I'm not listening to anything, reader(s).

I'll do a conceptual later, No. 517. / Laters, blog and pop fan(s)!