Monday, 1 May 2017

State Street has got $2 trillion in ETF assets now

Yeah, under administration. It's a milestone or something. Well done, guys! Not that I care for ETFs, but ... 'You're just happy at State Street's success, boss.' That's right, Voice.

LONDON, April 27, 2017 - State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT), the world's leading provider of financial services to institutional investors, announced today that its global ETF assets under administration exceeded US$2 trillion as of January 31, 2017[1], and that State Street currently services 55% of the global industry's exchange traded funds (ETF) and exchange trade products (ETP) assets under management.[2] State Street was also the recipient of the best custody service provider award at this year's Fund Action ETF Innovation Awards. Past winners of these awards have been responsible for ground breaking ideas, fund products and a level of service that have helped both investors and clients.

Oh, it's a few days old, this PR email. Never mind. Ha! Notice how they've put those numbers in square brackets. 'They got that from you, boss.' Yes. But, but ... they're not doing it right. Where's the three in a bracket? Where's the repetition? 'Give them a chance. It's amazing that they're doing it at all. Most finance squares are too square to even care.' Yeah, I suppose.

"Clients continue to bring their business to State Street because of our commitment to the exchange traded product structure, our ongoing investment in our proprietary, core platform and our scale," said Frank Koudelka, senior vice president at State Street. "We continue to make tremendous investments in servicing the ETF structure, which in turn allows us to quickly and seamlessly support the launch of innovative products for our clients."

Who the hell is that? Er, uh ... 'It's Frank, man. Frank Koudelka.' Frank? Our Frank? Oh. Did we ask him to speak? 'No. His voice just came out of nowhere. There's no harm in it.' Ha! Well, you would say that, Voice, wouldn't you?

Now, now ... what's this?! (Just reading the rest of the email, dear reader(s)[?}}] ...) A list of milestones from the past. Er, no, we're not interested in that. Christ!

Well, anyway, that's enough. What ... NOW - ? 'It's a holiday, boss. You should be taking it easy.' Taking it easy?! 'You should be watching the snooker.' I'm a workaholic, son.


Anything else? Music? Ah, I've dropped one of those tunes without lyrics. (The one from the demonic dream.) So now I need three tunes and four lyrics to get to eleven complete songs. / ... / No filler! 'All killer, Mikey!' Exactly.