Thursday, 30 May 2019

Elton John

Yes, I'm listening to Elton.

Your Song. / His best song. A world-beater for sure! Also, the best scene in the film is when he's composing the music for it.

Rocket Man. / Guess what! Okay, I'll tell you. My first "reliable" memory from childhood was listening to this song on the radio in 1972 when I was three. I had just had my bath on Sunday evening, and the latest charts were playing on Radio One.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. / How many world-beaters does Elton have? It's hard to say. I'm very strict, of course. Maybe four. Your Song, Rocket Man, this one, and ...

Candle In The Wind. / Now, don't get it twisted! I'm not referring to that Princess Diana version. I'm listening to the original version about Marilyn Monroe. FFS!

Blue Eyes. / My favourite song of his. So melancholic, man!

Tiny Dancer. / His best vocal performance, I reckon. I wish I could sing like this. Never mind. We all have different talents. Elton can't write lyrics.

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues. / Ha! I'm thinking of Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere when Paddy gets up on the stage to play the harmonica.

Song For Guy. / I used to play this on piano. Not as well as him.

Okay, okay. I suppose I better put Eno's Apollo on.


Anything else? Not much, no. / I'm still rehearsing, man. I play my songs the same way every time now. So, I've got consistency in performance at last. Will I record this weekend? Ha! I don't know. All depends on my mental state, don't it?


It will be raining next week in St Ives. Er, according to BBC Weather, that is.

In 2010 you could get a room for £25 a night. Now? The cheapest is £60.

Many years ago you could go camping for £1 a night. They want £20 now.

When I was a kid you could buy a Mars Bar for 7p.

The whole world has gone insane.

Good night!