Monday, 20 May 2019

ThomasLloyd launches first open-ended public infrastructure fund and ...

... signs global fund distribution agreement with Allfunds. / Okay, okay. Yeah, it's a PR email, dear reader(s). I've never heard of the firm before ... have I? Have we? 'No, boss. I don't think so.' Yeah, so, I Googled the name and ... this is interesting. They sell sofas! 'Ha!' What, Voice? 'That's a different firm.' A different firm? 'A different firm with the same name.' Eh?! A different firm with the same name?!


Anyway ...

London, Zurich, 16 May 2019. The global investment and advisory firm ThomasLloyd announced that it is cooperating with Allfunds, one of the world's leading distributors of investment funds. Following the signing of a global framework agreement relating to ThomasLloyd's fund suite earlier this year, as of today, the ThomasLloyd SICAV-Sustainable Infrastructure Income Fund (SIIF) is accessible via the Allfunds open architecture fund platform.

And, uh ... look at this -

ThomasLloyd Group is a leading global investment and advisory firm, solely dedicated to the infrastructure sector in Asia. The Company is based in London and Zurich, as well as 15 other locations in 12 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. The services it provides encompass capital raising, M&A and corporate finance for private and stock-market-listed companies, project financing and management for project developments, and investment consulting, wealth management and funds for private and institutional investors. The ThomasLloyd Group has more than 250 employees and currently manages assets worth around 3.5 billion US dollars.


A bit about the fund ...

The Fund invests directly in unlisted infrastructure assets in the areas of renewable energy, utilities, transport, social infrastructure and communications with a geographic focus on Asia-Pacific; applying socially responsible investment principles (SRI) whilst reducing investment risks through diversification across countries, sectors, technologies and investment styles. Authorized for sale throughout Europe and a selection of other countries worldwide, SIIF offers investors convenient, direct and instant access to a particularly attractive asset class. 

Okay, okay. Fair enough. No endorsement, obviously. I don't know anything about funds. I just work here, like.

Well, well ... / What does ... Mikey say? 'You?' No, not me, Voice. Mikey! 'Mikey who?!' Mikey Sieg, that's who! Ha!

ThomasLloyd Chairman and Group CEO, Michael Sieg, comments: "Offering our open-ended AIF on the global Allfunds fund platform creates a win-win situation. By investing with ThomasLloyd, an accredited partner of the IFC, institutional and private investors can benefit both from our investment expertise in the evolving asset class of infrastructure and add substantially to their ESG quotas in their investment portfolios. At the same time, ThomasLloyd significantly increases its distribution reach by joining this powerful global network."

Okay, okay. Thanks, Mr Sieg!


Anything else? Well, I nearly didn't write this post. I nearly booked a ticket to Cornwall on the night train for tonight. However, I suppose ... I've got to be sensible. 'Why, boss? Why?!' Oh, I don't know. The weather isn't perfect yet. It's so expensive nowadays. I can't pay for imperfect weather, you dig? Also, I still haven't recorded my songs. 'Uh.' I've been rehearsing a lot lately. I don't want to lose my momentum. Also ... I've just got bad vibes about life in general at the moment. I'm not in the right mood for St Ives.

I'm listening to Redemption Song by Bob Marley, on repeat. I think it's the best acoustic recording ever. But please notice, kook(s), that the guitar playing isn't amazing. Those Steely Dan pricks certainly wouldn't approve. [Oh, I like their music. Really!] Marley's voice dominates. The passion of it. I can learn from this. My guitar playing is good enough, man.

My songs? I've changed my mind again. I will need another five world-beaters soon. Not for the album. But just for kicking ass. If you know what I mean. / [I may have to do acoustic gigs without a band to start off with. I hope not.] / I played my BIG FIVE yesterday. Including What's This Life We Live?, which won't be on the demo. They sound awesome together. But ten of them would be off the fucking hook, frankly.

So, uh ... another week of blogging then. Christ!