Wednesday, 1 May 2019

M&A highlights

Who wants some? M&A highlights for April. Because I've got them, dear reader(s). 'I don't believe you, boss.' Are you calling me a liar, Voice? 'Well, where did you get M&A highlights for April from?' Ha! From my mate George. 'Your mate George? George, who?!' Christ! George! George from Refinitiv. 'Oh, him.' Yes, him. 'And where did he get these M&A highlights from then?' Er ... from the Deals Intelligence team at Refinitiv. 'Oh, okay.' Are you happy now?

Jesus H. - !!! / Anyway ...

Worldwide announced M&A totals US$1.3 trillion so far during 2019, 20% less than the value recorded at this time last year when a flurry of mega deals pushed M&A to an all-time year-to-date high of US$1.6 trillion. Despite the fall from 2018, this year's total is the 4th highest since our records began in the 70s.

Deals with a combined value of US$337.9 billion were recorded globally during the month of April 2019, the third highest April total in the last decade. The majority of these were domestic deals (79%) with cross-border transactions accounting for the lowest share in more than a decade.

European M&A totalled US$73.2 billion during April 2019, the highest monthly total since July 2018 although just half the value recorded in April last year. US M&A reached US$177.2 billion, the second highest April total in the last decade, while Asia Pacific M&A totalled US$55.3 billion, the lowest April total since 2013.

Deals involving a UK target totalled US$5.8 billion during April 2019, the lowest monthly total since September 2017 and the lowest April total since 2013.

So far this year, UK target M&A totals US$46.6 billion, 64% less than last year and a three-year low.

So, uh ... does that make any sense to anyone? 'Does it make any sense to you, boss?' Well, I can see a problem with the UK, Voice. 'Yes. I wonder why ...' Ha! Don't wonder, man. It must be down to Brexit. 'Oh.' Listen! Brexit is a deranged monster destroying everything in its path. 'Like Godzilla on crack.' Yes. Something like that. 'Like King Kong on, uh ... LSD.' Well, yes, I suppose. 'Like Frankenstein's monster after smoking a Camberwell carrot.' What?! No. That's enough, Voice! The readers get the idea.


Okay, okay. That's enough finance, kook(s). 'Music?' Not yet. Later. 'Later?' Yes. Later. Tonight. In the early hours. Tomorrow. Later! You dig? 'Oh, I see. Brian Eno's Apollo.' Not necessarily. I might surprise you, Voice. I might surprise everyone. 'Your music?' Ha, ha, ha! Not that much of a surprise. Idiot! No, I might listen to ... Nirvana. 'Oh, okay.' Or David Bowie. 'And what will you be talking about?' I don't know. Night thoughts. Early morning thoughts. Does it matter? 'No.' No. No. No.