Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Seed funding

And waterboarding, too, I think. 'Onboarding, boss.' What, Voice? 'Onboarding.' What's that?! 'I don't know. It's probably something similar.' [Didn't I write about onboarding years ago? I can't remember.] / Okay. Okay. Maybe the mystery will be cleared up after I've copied and pasted this PR email ...

14th May 2019 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Global fintech, The ID Co., has today announced that it has received $2m seed funding from global technology investor Amadeus Capital Partners, SixThirty and other investors.

Fine. That's the seed funding dealt with, dear reader(s). It seems kosher. But what about this hellish onboarding?

The ID Co. helps businesses such as lenders to onboard their customers more efficiently. Its technology removes the friction caused during application processes by the current challenges of risk, fraud, compliance, and regulation.

Unbelievable! They're onboarding their customers! Or helping others to onboard their customers. 'The whole world has gone insane, boss.' Tell me about it!

The ID Co. has recently launched two innovative products, DirectID Insights and Income Verification, based on Open Banking. The ID Co. is a market leader in Open Banking - a global movement that grew out of the UK, which allows companies or individuals to securely share their data with a third party. The ID Co.'s mission is to make bank data readily available to any business so that it can revolutionize its offering and transform its customers' experience.

Transform its customers' experience? Christ! The evil that men do. 'Listen, why don't you ask James Varga about it? Phone him!' No. I don't want to talk to a nasty piece of work like him, man. Not if he's involved in onboarding. I'd rather talk to Donald Trump about his wall. Actually, I'd rather talk to the wall.

I'll quote James though ...

James Varga, CEO of The ID Co., said: "The financial world is being fundamentally changed through Open Banking. It improves our understanding of each individual, allowing us to move away from traditional credit reference agencies."

Ah, clever! Pretending to be all civilized and shit. / Maybe Nick Kingsbury at Amadeus will let something slip ...

Nick Kingsbury, Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners, added: "The ID Co. is delivering real value to its clients. The application of Open Banking-based data allows financial providers to personalize their services and streamline and shorten lending processes. We are delighted to be supporting the company in solidifying its lead in the UK and expanding its international presence."

Very disappointing. Where's all the violence, the sheer thuggery?

"SixThirty is excited to continue its support for The ID Co., a growing leader in the digital reality of Open Banking," added Atul Kamra, Managing Partner of SixThirty. "The speed at which decisions must be made in our hyper-connected world comes with a growing customer expectation for instant value and service. This places a premium on The ID Co.'s capabilities around rapidly confirming customer identity and delivering customer insights. James and The ID Co. team have gotten a real nice head start here and are well positioned to take advantage from the regulatory tail winds afforded by Open Banking."




Anything else? Music? My music? You know, kook(s), I'm not sure I need to practice more. I seem to play my guitar much better when I'm in a good mood. So maybe I need to work on my emotional states more than anything else. What do you think, Voice? 'Play the piano again, boss. It's easier.' No. It's a bad image. And I prefer guitar-based songs. / Hopefully, when I do gigs I'll have a decent band behind me and I won't have to play anything at all. 'What will you do, then, dance like Mick Jagger?' Ha! No. I'll just prowl around the stage, menacingly, like my mentor Jim Morrison.

I'll be doing another post in a while ...