Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Should I continue to open doors for myself?

That's the big question of the day. I mean, now that I'm a BIG STAR and everything. [Or at least pretending to be.] This is from the Dylan Jones book on David Bowie -

Tony Defries had an extraordinarily effective strategy for turning his client into a genuine star, in both a micro and a macro way. Not only would he start to make it more difficult for anyone, especially journalists, to get close to Bowie, but he encouraged his charge to act in a more imperious, almost regal fashion: what Defries did was to encourage Bowie not to open doors for himself, not to pick anything up if he dropped it, and not to offer help or pass anything. By ignoring door handles, he semaphored that he expected others to open doors for him.

I've edited it a bit, but that's basically it. There's a problem though. I don't actually have a lot of people around me at the moment. If I stop opening doors there's a very good chance I'll become trapped in rooms. 'You've got me, boss.' Yes. But you don't have a physical body, idiot! How are you supposed to open doors for me? 'Good point.' So, I suppose I'll have to wait a while, until things take off, like. 'Oh, by the way, boss ...' What? 'Do you still write about finance? Or is that beneath you now?' Ha, ha! If I'm being honest, Voice, dear reader(s), it probably is beneath me these days.

Oh, I haven't received any PR emails! Maybe tomorrow, you dig?

I've got to write another conceptual later, of course. For my sins. What number am I up to now? 'No. 712, boss.' Okay.


Listen! I've been thinking, kook(s). If you really want to be good at something creative: music, painting, writing books, whatever ... you might have to put TEN YEARS into it before you're any good. Yes, it's hard, man. / I imagine we all know people who gave up after six months. That type are ten-a-penny. But how many people give up after four or five years? That's the dangerous time! And with my music it would have been 2016 for me, but I kept on going.

Never, never, never give up! I mean, what else are you going to do? Seriously.


Well, well ... well. What else? Anything else? Brexit? 'Ha! Tell them, boss!' Yes, it's, uh ... beneath me, frankly.