Monday, 6 May 2019

Everyone's on holiday

Bank holiday Monday, so ... I'm on holiday, too. 'But you're still writing, boss!' Yes, I'm still writing, Voice. A full day of blogging, BUT(!) ... no bloody finance! I will write what I want to write. 'Ha! No one's forcing you to do finance, man.' Christ! It's bad karma, man. I've got to write about finance until my music sets me free. That's the deal.

Okay, okay. / What am I listening to? I should be listening to the Vance/Musk audiobook, but I'm listening to, uh ... those thirteen best Beatles songs, according to me, like. You know, the list I mentioned in a previous post? Well, well ... listen to me! Those THIRTEEN* songs were written by THREE songwriters. I am ONE songwriter. I've got FIVE world-beaters. Yeah, I want loads, obviously. But TEN will be enough for now. Can I get them before the end of summer this year? I don't know. I hope so.

I'll tell you the truth, dear reader(s), I had a depressing weekend. A very depressing weekend. I had to hold my guitar extra tight, you dig? I swear I wouldn't be alive right now if I didn't have my music. That is the honest truth. / I want TEN world-beaters so I can be ... like this!!! I want other songwriters down on the canvas wondering what the fuck happened. I'm serious! And I want it soon, to make myself feel better. Because I feel fucking awful.

Yeah, yeah. / I've read Mike Tyson's autobiography. It's a brilliant book. I can't remember his exact words, and I'm not going through the whole book looking for them, but he said something like ... when he was trying to become world champion, he went into the ring with the attitude that he would become world champion or he would die in the ring. That's how I'm feeling. That sort of commitment. It's desperate, kook(s), but ... it may be God's blessing, you dig? Music is all I got.

Oh, some good news! My performance has improved recently, due to the lower action on my guitar, the spider exercise, and all the hours I've been putting in. When will I get the recordings I need? I can't answer that, son. Daughter. It will happen, one day. One glorious day, I shall be set free - !!!

*Only FIVE or SIX of them are true world-beaters, but they're all big songs. According to me, like. But don't worry about it, man. I just love analyzing shit.