Thursday, 2 May 2019

It smells like ...

Let's play some tunes!!!

It smells like teen spirit, obviously. I mean, that's what I’m playing first. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

That Kurt Cobain was a strange one, wasn't he? He gave the impression that he didn't want to be a big star, and yet he wrote, recorded, and released a song like this. Why didn't he destroy it? With a song like Smells Like Teen Spirit your career is only going in one direction. / In fact, after my 2016 demo, when I realized my songs weren't "strong" enough or "big" enough, it was this song that spurred me on to write This World Don't Mean a Thing.

Okay, okay ...

About a Girl. Nirvana. / The best song from their first album.

The Man Who Sold The World ... by ... Nir ... No! David Bowie. Ha! / Oh, my favourite version of this song is by Lulu.

I Am The Walrus. The Beatles. / An absolute tour de force, as George Martin might say. Why did John Lennon lose the artistic ambition of songs like this in his solo years? Maybe he was ... happy?

One. U2. / I haven't got Johnny Cash's version on my media player, so this will have to do.

Okay, okay. I think we all know what's going to happen now. It's time for ... Apollo by Brian Eno - !!!


Right. Night thoughts?

If I ever go into space in one of Elon's rockets, I will be very, very, very disappointed if space doesn't actually sound like this album. After all these years, to be let down like that would be terrible.


I'm still thinking of Cornwall, man. But it gets more expensive every year. And I'm not paying top dollar for bad weather. Do you know what I mean?

Last time, I got a sleeper cabin thing on the train from Paddington to Penzance. It was a nice bit of luxury. I kept waiting for screams and murders though. You know, like Agatha Christie.


Maybe I should live in St Ives. A quiet life. Forget about being a rock star. Just be a songwriter. I'll persuade my new angel to join me. It could be the perfect life.

I'll buy a big house overlooking the sea. I saw one advertised for three and a half million recently. No problem! The royalties from my song Malibu will cover it. / Or maybe I should stick to my, uh ... Malibu rock star goal/dream/whatever? "Hello, Dude! Thanks for coming. I'm Michael Fowke."

Good night!