Thursday, 24 October 2019

A new and upgraded web platform


21 October 2019 - Quant Insight now offers investment managers the chance to enhance their investment process with an upgraded, multi-asset, easy to use web platform.

Yes, dear reader(s), it's a PR email. No endorsement, obviously. I mean, I don't how good this thing is. 'Ha!' What, Voice? 'I remember the old days, boss.' Right. 'I remember how good the astral plane was for trading/investing, and you didn't charge anyone a penny.' Yes, yes. I didn't charge anyone a penny. But I took their souls, man! I TOOK THEIR SOULS - !!! 'Well ... there's a downside to everything.' There certainly is.

Anyway ...

Offering a quantitative macro overlay to risk, strategy, quant and investment strategies, whether the approach is top-down or bottom-up in style. The audience and client base ranges from $50 million AUM wealth managers and family offices to $1 trillion AUM global hedge funds and asset managers.

$1 trillion AUM!!! Christ! Who's got $1 trillion AUM, these days? 'Global hedge funds and asset managers.' Oh, right. Yeah, I didn't read it properly.

Getting the bigger picture is key in a multi correlated financial universe, and understanding what are the key macro drivers of price action in equities, fx, rates, commodities and ETFs are critical to investment strategy.

Financial universe? 'Financial cosmos, boss?' It's the same thing, Voice. And we know all about that, don't we? 'Yes.' Yes.


No! Oh, oh ... the pricing -

Web Platform V2.0 full access starts at $10,000 per annum.

API access for full integration starts at $75,000 per annum per team.

Right. And I didn't charge on the astral plane, remember. 'But - !!!' Yes, we know. They know. Everyone who's mystical knows.

Listen! I don't miss the astral plane.



Anything else? What else?! There must be something else! Uh, well ... I'll be writing another post later, for my sins.

However ... this post, you dig? There must be something else. Er ... 'I can't think of anything.' No? Well, you've never been good at thinking, Voice. You're like Lucky in Waiting For Godot. 'But he's a bloody idiot!' Exactly.


Oh, I've scrapped two songs, kook(s). It's okay though. I'll still have fifteen songs once the latest two are completed.

Like Marco Pierre White, I don't want the customer [listener] to suffer any weakness.


Uh. Laters.