Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Keensight Capital invests in ...

What does it invest in, dear reader(s)? Answer correctly, on a postcard, and you win a Jammie Dodger. [Er, no, you don't, actually. I don't have any Jammie Dodgers. I'm back on my rock star diet. Besides, if I had any, I would keep them for myself. I wouldn't give them to you. / Anyway, who cares?! They're much smaller now, to save money, I suppose. Not like they were. That's Brexit for you. Ha!] 'I imagine that Keensight invests in all sorts of things, boss. Many different firms.' Yes, you're right, Voice. But I'm talking about today's PR email. 'Okay. Just bloody tell us!' Oh, don't get upset. Christ.

Keensight Capital, one of the leading private equity managers dedicated to pan-European Growth Buyout investments, replaces CAPZA as majority stakeholder of Geodesial, a leading developer and distributor of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software for infrastructure.

You see, kook(s)? Computer whatever. It's not my cup of tea, I have to say.

With over 30 years of experience in the CAD / CAE business, Geodesial is specialized in the development and distribution of software solutions for infrastructure professionals.

Good for them! I wouldn't do it, but ... it takes all sorts to make a world. You dig?

Strong of approximately 80 employees and four offices in France, Hungary and Canada, the leading developer in France benefits from an overall market share of approximately 70%. Since 2017 and the arrival of David Le Roux and CAPZA (ex-Capzanine) as stakeholders, the company has experienced a strong and steady double-digit annual growth.

Uh, right.

Today, Geodesial has successfully developed a loyal customer base of 6,000 clients including public agencies, geomatics and civil engineering companies, as well as professional training and students, representing over 34,000 users. The company benefits from a very low churn (below 5%) as the software are deeply embedded in the workflow and appear as mission critical tools.

Okay, okay. Yeah, yeah. There's a bit more about Geodesial, BUT(!) ... let's get to the quotes! Let's hear some real human voices. 'Me?!' No, not you, idiot! Dave, for starters ...

David Le Roux, CEO of Geodesial, states: "We are confident that Keensight Capital's 20 years of experience supporting fast growing companies, as well as their global footprint, will enable us to achieve our next milestone. I am excited to embark on Geodesial's next chapter, as we are extremely well positioned for future growth."

Well, he's excited. It's nice to be excited. 'Are you excited, boss?' I am now. I didn't used to be, man. 'Tell the readers!' No, no, no. I don't discuss personal stuff. 'No?' No. 'No?!' No - !!! This is a finance blog.  / Anyway, Jean-Michel ...

Jean-Michel Beghin, Managing Partner at Keensight Capital, says: "We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to invest in Geodesial. We look forward to partnering up with David Le Roux and his highly talented team with whom we share similar values, to further develop the company's trusted software and services abroad." 

If you get an opportunity in life, you've got to be enthusiastic. Nice one, Jean-Michel!

Maxence Radix, Partner at CAPZA, says: "We have over the past couple of years worked hand in hand with David to support the group's rapid development leveraging our knowledge of the software environment and are really glad to see Geodesial undertake a next phase of development with a new partner. In an exciting time for the industry, we wish all the best to Keensight Capital and Geodesial for this new adventure."

Adventure! You can't beat adventure! Very nice one, Maxence!

Having said that, the greatest true story of escape and adventure ever written turned out to be a pack of lies*. I'm referring to Papillon, of course. I read it five times as well. Ah, never mind. You live and you learn, don't you?


*Well, that's what "they" say. It's hard to know who to believe. But "they" reckon Henri Charriere used the stories of other convicts and mixed them up with his own true-ish story. / Now, if you want half-true GREAT literature, dear reader(s), you should read the novels Journey to the End of the Night and Death on Credit by Louis-Ferdinand Celine. Treat yourself!