Monday, 14 October 2019

Insurance industry M&A deals

Okay, okay. Insurance. Uh. Don't blame me, dear reader(s). This is what I get offered. 'Ha! You have other PR emails in your inbox, boss.' Yes, Voice, and maybe I'll do one of those tomorrow. 'Ah, tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. When will it ever end?' Good question!

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Anyway ...

Total insurance industry M&A deals in August 2019 worth $4.04bn were announced globally, according to GlobalData's deals database.

Yeah, it's from GlobalData again. They're all right.

The value marked a decrease of 15.7% over the previous month and a drop of 13.6% when compared with the last 12-month average, which stood at $4.68bn.

That's a big drop, ain't it? [Is it?] 'People weren't working in August, much.' Oh, that might be it. Thank you for your insight, son. 'Any time.' Yeah, yeah.

Here's the rest of it, kook(s) [I hope you're a kook] -

Comparing deals value in different regions of the globe, North America held the top position, with total announced deals in the period worth $2.69bn. At the country level, Canada topped the list in terms of deal value at $2.69bn.

In terms of volumes, North America emerged as the top region for insurance industry M&A deals globally, followed by Europe and then Asia-Pacific.

The top country in terms of M&A deals activity in August 2019 was the US with 27 deals, followed by Canada with six and the UK with five.

In 2019, as of the end of August 2019, insurance M&A deals worth $18.84bn were announced globally, marking a decrease of 68.6% year on year.

Insurance industry M&A deals in August 2019: Top deals ...

The top five insurance industry M&A deals accounted for 89% of the overall value during August 2019.

The combined value of the top five insurance M&A deals stood at $3.59bn, against the overall value of $4.04bn recorded for the month.

The top five insurance industry deals of August 2019 tracked by GlobalData were:

Brookfield Business Partners' $1.93bn acquisition of Genworth MI Canada.

The $753.3m acquisition of Frank Cowan and The Guarantee of North America by Intact Financial.

Allianz's $741.72m asset transaction with Sul America.

The $136.72m acquisition of Coverforce by AUB Group.

Sdiptech Publ's acquisition of Auger Site Investigations for $30.28m.


And that's the ENDS. Jesus! I thought the ENDS would never come. 'The email wasn't that long, boss.' So? I still thought the ENDS would never come.


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