Monday, 21 October 2019

Clive Gillmore has donated £3 million to the University of Warwick

Christ. For what?! Do they even need the money? Well, we'll get on to that in a minute, but first ...

Dear reader(s), do you know what the perfect start to a Monday morning would be? 'Ha!' Ha! Well, let me tell you. At seven this morning I was getting ready to start blogging when I received some notifications on my smartphone. Oh, what's that?! ... I wondered. I mean, that early in the morning, like. Was it bad news? 'Tell them, boss!' Ha! It was good news, man, from Google Play, saying that Stardust and That'll Be The Day had just become available for renting or buying. 'Amazing!' I know, Voice, I know! Amazon Prime Video has got them, too. (That'll Be The Day is strangely expensive on Amazon though.) / I'll buy Stardust later, and save That'll Be The Day for ... another day. 'Ha! That'll be the day!' Exactly! But say it like John Wayne. 'That'll be the day.' Much better, Voice! That's where Buddy Holly got his inspiration from, by the way.

Okay, okay ...

The University of Warwick has received one of its largest donations from an individual to establish a new Fintech research centre.

Nice. It's all right for some, ain't it?

The £3 million donation has been made by Clive Gillmore, founder and Group CEO of Mondrian Investment Partners and an alumnus of the University of Warwick.

The Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology will be housed at Warwick Business School and will bring together the school’s existing research in the area along with a host of new appointments.

Mr Gillmore's donation will fund an academic director, a post-doctoral researcher and a PhD scholarship programme and will look to attract world-class talent from the UK and overseas to WBS.

Okay, okay. It's a PR email from, uh, last week. 'That's all right, boss.' Of course it is! News is news, man. Even if it is late.

There's only one question. 'Does Mr Gillmore have huge affection for Warwick University?' No, no. That goes without saying. 'What's the question then?' Why didn't he give me the £3 million? 'Ha!' I need it more than some absurd university. Ah, never mind. Let's hear from the great man himself -

"I have a huge affection for Warwick," says Mr Gillmore, who studied Management Science at WBS from 1979 to 1982. "Its progress over the past 50 years has been nothing short of remarkable and I have always sought to play a role in continuing its journey towards becoming one of the world's best. The interdisciplinary research environment at Warwick was a key motivator in my decision to establish the Centre. I think increasingly that problem-solving needs to be seen holistically, combining a multitude of skill sets. This new centre will endeavour to build bridges between academic departments, as well as encouraging specific, detailed world-class research in Fintech. I am proud to be able to make this contribution and hope it inspires my fellow alumni to support the University. I look forward to the Centre contributing to the global reputation of WBS for its research impact."

Yeah, yeah. 'Boss.' What? 'I bet our Stu is pleased.' Yeah. He's probably delighted, knowing him. FFS.

Professor Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick, has prioritized philanthropy as a key component in delivering the University's 2030 strategy. He says: "I am delighted by Clive's decision to establish the Gillmore Centre for Financial Technology, and his ambition to help Warwick attract the world's best academics and postgraduates. This gift demonstrates the vital role that philanthropy can play in delivering our goals, and shows what can be achieved when we work in step with the aspirations of our alumni."

All right, Stu, don't rub it in.


Anything else? Oh yes. For those of you who don't know, the Adam Faith character in Stardust is played by Ringo Starr in That'll Be The Day. And Ringo is great, obviously, but I prefer Adam Faith. 'Your nan knew Faith's mum.' Yes, Voice. They worked together in a factory in the 1950s. It's probably why she wanted me to be a pop star.

But it's not too late! No, no, no!