Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Andreas Hardt has got a job!

Well done, son!

London, 14 October 2019 - Tennor Holding B.V. ('Tennor'), a global investment holding company and indirect owner of Civitas Property Group ('Civitas'), today (uh, 'Yesterday') announces the appointment of Andreas Hardt as CEO of Civitas. 

Yeah, uh ... it was yesterday. And I was the one who put it in brackets. It's not a crime, man. I just want things to be clear, you dig? 'Who are you talking to, boss?' To you, Voice. And to the people out there. To everyone!

Oh, it's a PR email, obviously, dear reader(s). You know how I like to operate, these days.

Andreas is an established real estate investment and asset management professional with over 20 years of hands-on knowledge of property markets. In his career to date, he has been involved in over €11bn worth of transactions and actively managed assets worth over €8bn.

That's a lot of money he's been involved with. Can he give me some?

Prior to joining Civitas, he held the position of Managing Director - Head of Germany at Oxford Properties in Berlin where he headed the German investment and asset management operations. Prior to this, Andreas was Head of Germany, responsible for developing Blackstone's office portfolio covering a number of landmark buildings. In addition, he held senior property roles with VALAD Europe, Goldman Sachs, Alpha Real Capital and Credit Suisse. Andreas Hardt is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), an international organization with over 118,000 land, property and construction professionals. As part of his new role, Andreas will also become a member of the Board of Civitas Property Group.

Well, fair enough.

An extraordinary shareholders' meeting will be held in the near term to formally appoint Andreas Hardt.

Eh? What will be extraordinary about it? 'Maybe it's going to be some sort of mystical ceremony, boss.' Really? What, these days? 'Well ...' Not even I go in for mystical ceremonies these days, man. 'Some of these people like to live in the past. They're all nostalgic, I suppose. I don't know.' Ha! Well, they should wake up and smell the coffee. It's all conceptual shit now, spinning a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND. 'And will you be taking them for a spin later?' The Civitas lot? 'Yeah.' No.

Okay, okay. Let's hear from Robin ...

Robin Bagchi, CEO of Tennor Holding B.V., says: "The nomination of Andreas as CEO demonstrates the ambition and drive of the firm as they continue to innovate and take advantage of the sustained growth of the residential property and broader real estate market in Germany. With senior property portfolio management experience, we have no doubt that Andreas will be a dynamic addition to the strategic direction of the firm and its flourishing success story in the coming years."

Okay, okay. Our Robin seems pleased. Even though he doesn't say it. 'He's far too cool for that.' Yeah. Yeah.

Right, right. I doubt very much that Stefan is pleased. 'Oh dear.' It's just the way he is, Voice. / Let's hear from him then ...

Stefan Kindler, Managing Director of the Board comments: "We are delighted to have someone with Andreas' experience, relationship network and background to take the leadership role at Civitas. Together with Carsten Grauel FRICS, our COO, we are confident that they can continue the growth of Civitas into a successful special situations real estate business."

Ha, ha, ha! He's delighted! 'They all are, boss!' Of course they are! Drinks all round! 'Let Andreas comment.' What? 'Andreas wants to say something now.' Christ. All right.

Come on, Andreas ...

Andreas Hardt comments: "I am very excited to join Civitas at this fascinating time for the real estate sector. It is an honour to help grow the business and to find value wherever the opportunity arises. To look at each of those investment opportunities in a unique and unbiased way is the true potential of Civitas."

Yeah, great. Thanks.



Anything else? David Goggins is in hospital. [Or he was.] He ran over two hundred miles before he had a problem. I hope he's all right. He'll probably do the race again next year, knowing him.