Thursday, 17 October 2019

Metals of the future!

Okay, okay. But first, dear reader(s) ... some (heavy) metals of the past. Yes, I'm listening to the best AC/DC album, Powerage.

Actually, I would describe the band as more hard rock. They've always described themselves as rock and roll.

Kicked in the teeth again? Oh, I wouldn't say that. I've got another PR email! These PR people have been very good to me.

BAAR, Switzerland - (October 15, 2019) - Blackstone Resources AG ("Blackstone") held one of its signature conference events last Thursday at the Widder Hotel, Z├╝rich. The theme was on "metals of the future" and how they are important for the advancement of battery technology. The event has been attended by bankers ("I wouldn't like to say"), asset managers and institutional investors.

Blackstone believes that mankind's future will be determined by its ability to support a sustainable clean-energy world. It believes this will come from battery technology and the abundance of battery metals supplied to this market. It considers this to be one of the biggest structural trends of the twenty-first century.

Great! A sustainable clean-energy world. Exactly what our Elon believes! / The truth is, we can't fight climate change by doing away with capitalism*. 'Why is that the truth, boss?' Ha! Because, Voice ... a world destroyed by socialism will be just as bad as a world destroyed by the climate. That's why we need our Elon to pull his bloody finger out! 'Ha! When are you going to record your new demo?' Ha, ha, ha! Shut up, idiot!


Okay, okay, okay. It's the last post of the week. And, music, music, music ... ?

Oh, world-beaters? They're hard to explain, man. But let me try!

Hey Jude is a world-beater. Penny Lane isn't.

Imagine is a world-beater. Strawberry Fields Forever isn't.

Your Song is a world-beater. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road isn't.

One is a world-beater. Beautiful Day isn't.

Live Forever is a world-beater. Stand By Me isn't.

Bridge Over Troubled Water is a world-beater. The Boxer isn't.

Stairway To Heaven is a world-beater. Kashmir isn't.

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a world-beater, and ... Sweet Child O' Mine isn't.

Angels is ... my favourite one at the moment.

All the "isn't" songs are bread-and-butter classics. [First-class ones, obviously. Uh, except The Boxer. Just ask Dylan!] Are you digging me on this, kook(s)? Oh, I hope so. I hope so. Not that it's important or anything. Ah, never mind. 'Ha!' Ha!

Have a nice weekend!

Later(s), alligator(s)!

*It needs to be reformed. Yes. Goes without saying.