Thursday, 10 October 2019

Joan of Arc had the words, and Mozart had the music

But me?

Man, I've got both! Flowing through me like two mystical rivers!

Openness works!


Okay, okay. It's the last post of the week, pop fan(s). Let's play some tunes!

Around and Around. The Rolling Stones. / I love a lot of their early cover versions.

Lay All Your Love On Me. ABBA. / My favourite song of theirs, although Dancing Queen is their best.

[I'm sure you can find all these songs on YouTube or Spotify or whatever. Don't be lazy!]

My Back Pages. Bob Dylan. / Oh, one of his best melodies. Nice one, Bob!

Our House. Crosby, Stills & Nash. [& Young?] / Ha! When Dylan was told that CS&N said they ended the Vietnam war, he replied that ... he could totally believe it. I mean, that they had said it. "They were those sort of guys."

Small Town Boy. Bronski Beat. / Brilliant melancholic pop, which is an actual genre, I reckon.

Free Nelson Mandela. The Special A.K.A. / A great song, musically, besides the message. Oh, and Elvis Costello produced it. Atoning for that past sin of his, no doubt.

Those last two are from a 12 inch Eighties pop various artists CD thing I've got on my media player.

I'll do one more from it ...

I'm Coming Out. Diana Ross. / Great rhythm guitar. Sounds like Nile Rodgers to me. (Let me Google it ...) Yes, it is!

Apparently, Let's Dance was just some half-arsed folk song when Bowie handed it to Rodgers and said, "Make it a hit."

Well, that's the music business, folks!


Okay, Okay. Let's finish with some David Bowie!

This Is Not America. / Ha! What is America, these days?

Under Pressure. / Uh, with Queen. I don't like Queen, but love this song. I think Bowie wrote most of it, and shared the credit with the band. Maybe. Don't quote me on that.

DJ. / "I am what I play."

John, I'm Only Dancing. / A classic title!

Friday On My Mind. / A cover, from Pin Ups.


I might go to the pub tomorrow. Depends on the weather. I could stay in and write the two lyrics I need.