Thursday, 10 October 2019

Deutsche Handelsbank's ...

... new management. Yes. But ...

Okay, okay. Before we start, dear reader(s). Thought/question of the day ...

Who can beat a songwriter who has got the freakin' cosmos in his corner?

... ... ...

'The answer, Mikey?'



Right. Let's do this! -

Munich, 08.10.2019 - Deutsche Handelsbank welcomes Jens Munk and Dr. Frank Schlaberg as Co-CEO's and plans to accelerate its growth.

Nice one!

Jens Munk (52) and Dr. Frank Schlaberg (53) will, with immediate effect, head Deutsche Handelsbank. Munk is an experienced investor and investment banker in the European technology sector. Dr. Schlaberg - who was appointed to the Management Board of Deutsche Handelsbank on August 1st - has many years of experience in corporate & investment banking and strategic management consulting. CFO Dr. Michael Eberhardt (42) will continue to run the back-office operations. As FinTech and Payment expert, he has many years of expertise in financial services and strategy consulting.

These guys sound like experts or something.

The former CEO Daniel Kreis will remain with Deutsche Handelsbank and chair its Advisory Board. "Daniel Kreis played a key role in establishing, developing and expanding Deutsche Handelsbank. His in-depth understanding of the market and the bank's consistent focus on technology companies have made Deutsche Handelsbank the most established institution for growth financing of the new digital 'Mittelstand'. We are delighted that he will continue to support the bank's development in his new role as chairman of the Advisory Board of Deutsche Handelsbank," says Dr. Michael Riemenschneider, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Handelsbank.

Okay, okay. Danny Boy is staying on, for his sins, BUT(!) ... wouldn't he prefer a life outside finance? 'These people are addicted, boss. There's no helping them.' Oh, I could help them, Voice. All of them!

Both CEOs are tasked with the acceleration of growth. In addition to its Munich headquarters, the bank already opened an office in Berlin. Deutsche Handelsbank employs a total of 85 staff members and continues to grow, with current vacancies in IT, risk management and sales.

Oh, growth, growth, growth. It's all anyone in business cares about. 'Financial growth.' Yeah. But what about spiritual growth? Why not expand your consciousness and welcome the freakin' cosmos into your life?

Jens Munk is certain: "We see the demand and intend to expand our loan book further. We also plan to increase our payment transactions volume by 75 percent to 70 billion euros per annum. Handelsbank delivers exactly what growth companies need, with services ranging from payment transactions and growth financing to corporate loans for SMEs and banking-as-a-service. On that account, we will continue to expand upstream, providing finance for investment companies and managers of venture capital funds."

Jens Munk is certain. And he wants to expand the loan book. 'Christ.' Well, well ... I just don't know, dear reader(s), you dig? I really don't know.

Dr. Frank Schlaberg comments: "In the German-speaking region, there are very few financial institutions that are willing to lend to digital growth companies before they meet traditional lending criteria. Deutsche Handelsbank is closing that gap and hence, plays an economically important role in a very exciting and dynamic field. My goal is to substantially grow this business. We aim at expanding our product range in order to become a full-service provider for growth companies. Furthermore, the successful concept will eventually be applied to other European countries in the medium to long term."

Okay, okay. Well, I suppose I, uh ... wish them all the best. 'It would be churlish not to.' Yes, it would.


For kooks only.

Listen! You really need to start approaching the cosmos. Big time! (If you haven't done it already.) And I mean ... as an individual, you dig? We don't want any of that awful hive mind shit*. Too many people have got that, uh, these days - especially on social media - and it gets you ... ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE - !!! / Yes, yes, I know it's comforting, man, if you're a weak soul, like. But, please ... for you own good, all right?

Be strong!

The cosmos has different rules. The cosmos is not weak. The cosmos has got no respect for "humanity". It only respects consciousness - the higher, the better.

*Obviously, I'm talking about while you're alive. When you're dead, you will become one with the universal consciousness - if you've been chosen. But that's the cosmic mind. It's not the pathetic thoughts and feelings of normal human beings on earth. / Oh, by the way, you actually choose yourself. YES! Do you understand? By becoming "great", by becoming more than human, you are putting your name forward, as it were. The cosmos will notice.