Thursday, 21 November 2019

French nationality is the best nationality

Or so they say. 'Who says, boss?!' PR email, Voice. I could have been French, you know. 'How could you have been French?' I was going to join the French Foreign Legion. I had the book and everything. And you're allowed to become a citizen after three years of service. 'Okay. But what book?' The book that tells you everything you need to know about joining. What to expect, etc. But it's too late now. I’m too old. 'Why did you want to join anyway?' I wanted to forget, Voice. 'What did you want to forget?' I can't remember.

Anyway ...

Oh, if I had known about Goggins back then I would have definitely joined the Legion. I had a conventional view of what it all meant, you dig? Being an elite soldier. Nowadays, I can see it as a sort of ultimate test, like. Never mind.

Anyway ...

French citizens can take satisfaction that their nationality has once again been ranked as the best in the world, while for citizens of the UK, the ramifications of a 'hard' Brexit could well sink the quality of their nationality from 8th globally, to 56th (the current position of China). This is according to the latest findings of the Kalin and Kochenov's Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), which is the only ranking that objectively measures and ranks all the world's nationalities as legal statuses.

Jesus H. Christ - !!! Brexit again! Will we never be set free from, uh ... freedom? 'Ha!' Ha, ha, ha! I'd rather be a slave of the European Union, frankly.

Holding the top spot for eight consecutive years, France earned a score of 83.5% out of a possible 100% - less than one percentage point ahead of Germany and the Netherlands, which sit in joint-2nd place with 82.8%. While the difference between the quality of French and Dutch and German nationalities is relatively narrow, France's comparative advantage lies in its greater settlement freedom (attributable mainly to the country's former colonial empire).

Okay, okay. 'Who's this PR email from, boss?' Oh, er ... Henley & Partners. 'Oh, okay.' Yeah. There's a lot of it though. Let's go to the Brexit bit ...

EU countries generally perform extremely well on the QNI, largely due to the liberal degree of settlement freedom permitted between member states, as well as the stand-out quality of many of the nationalities in and of themselves. However, the UK could become the exception to this rule, with its current 8th position potentially in jeopardy if it crashes out of the EU without a deal in place.

Well, well ...

So, what does Dimi say? [I like to call him Dimi. He's a dear friend of mine, you understand, dear reader(s). 'Is he?!' Ha! I don't know him, no.]

Prof. Dr. Dimitry Kochenov explains: "The UK may be about to establish a world record in terms of profoundly undermining the quality of its nationality without going through any violent conflict. Depending on the still-to-be determined outcome of Brexit, the UK could see itself falling from the elite group of 'very high quality' nationalities into the 'high quality' bracket. A truly 'hard' Brexit would result in the UK having a nationality that does not grant Brits settlement or work rights in any of the EU jurisdictions or Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland: a collection of the most highly developed places on earth, greatly diminishing the quality of its own nationality in an irrevocable manner: either you have such rights, or not - and in such a scenario UK citizens won't have them."


I mean, it's too depressing to continue.


Anything else? Yeah. David Goggins again. Oh, there's a lot of talk about social mobility these days. The lack of it. I suppose it is a problem, BUT(!) ... Goggins sort of makes that talk irrelevant. Bear in mind, this guy was once an overweight pest controller with a poor education. He had to face a lot of racism, too.

Well, he went through THREE(!) Hell Weeks to become a Navy SEAL. He did his final training with broken legs. So, uh ... do you see what I mean?

He's now a best-selling author, endurance athlete, and a speaker.

In Can't Hurt Me, he refers to his "motherf**king safe space". So, uh ... 'Does he have a safe space, boss?' Ha! No, he was being sarcastic, Voice.

I'm not going into all my personal situation, kook(s), however ... it is a bad situation, you dig?

Survivorship bias? Yes, there may be such a thing. It doesn't apply to a man like David Goggins.

I'm going to keep listening to his audiobook. And I'm going to keep rehearsing my songs.