Monday, 11 November 2019

Meet the CEO - !!!

Bloody hell! I don't want to meet the CEO. 'You've got to meet the CEO, boss.' I don't want to meet the CEO, Voice. 'But you’ve got to, boss!' Ha! But I don't want to. Listen! I will never meet the CEO. 'Ha! What are you scared of?' I'm not scared of anything. 'Well, meet the CEO, then.' No. 'Meet the CEO.' No. 'Go on!' No - !!!

Dear reader(s), I will never meet the CEO. Get it through your head(s)!

The CEO of Supreme Fintech, currently in Kuala Lumpur till November the 13th, will be in London from the 15th of November. You are cordially invited to meet with the CEO, who will be detailing his vision to revolutionize digital financial technology via the first Global Virtual Bank.

Oh, it's those guys again. 'Did you go to Singapore last week?' No. No, I didn't. 'That's why he wants to meet you.' Shut up!

"You are the Bank" says Datuk Seri Utama Muhammad Shafie Abdullah, founder and CEO of Supreme Ebanq Fintech Ltd. This implies the full use of information technology in banking anytime and anywhere in the world without the physical walk in premises.

Eh? I'm not the bank. What's he talking about?! 'Maybe he's referring to your readers, boss. Maybe they're the bank.' Yeah, whatever. I don't know, do I?

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Avishek Singh, CEO of StyloPay, said: "We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Supreme Fintech. This partnership will help to launch e-banking, card programs and e-wallet system across geographies. Our Business-to-Business (B2B) payment platform offers e-banking, e-wallet and card programs globally. Full Application Programming Interfaces (API) stack is available to our business partners for easy integration into their interfaces. We will continue to develop products and services that will help customers to take their first step towards a safer and more convenient way to spend and manage their cash."

Speaking at the launch? What launch? 'That's the launch you didn't go to last week. In Singapore.' Oh, that launch. Never mind. I'm a busy man, man.

Okay, okay. Obviously, dear reader(s), there's no endorsement from me or anything BECAUSE(!) ... I'm not the bank. I mean, I don't know anything about this. 'Meet the CEO!' Shut up! I will never meet the CEO.

Uh. I'll let Darrell have the last word ...

"Helping our clients achieve their strategic investor relations' objectives is our core focus and we continue to build our suite of products and partnerships to support that mission," said Darrell Heaps, CEO of Q4 Inc. "We are honoured to be partnered with Business Wire, a respected and innovative brand that is entrusted with the world's most important news. Q4 is excited to offer Business Wire's services and together we look forward to delivering significant value to our clients."

Business Wire? All right.



Anything else? Music? Well, this is the last time. The very last time. I don't want to talk about music or personal stuff no more. Start living your own lives, kooks!

Anyway, I, uh ... rewrote the lyric for Good Times/Bad Times again this weekend. 'Ha!' That's it now. It's done. / I also wrote half the lyric for the new song. But I doubt it will be as "explosive" as Come On Eileen, after all. 'Oh. Why not?' Because the lyric has changed the vibe of the music, man. 'Oh.' It's just one of those things. I'm not upset. I've still got another classic on my hands. 'A world-beater or a bread-and-butter classic, boss?' I've just said classic, Voice. A bread-and-butter classic. 'Great!' Yeah.

There's no need to be sad.