Thursday, 7 November 2019

So be it!

No one has had the decency to send me a PR email, dear reader(s). 'Oh dear.' I don't care! I'm fully prepared to turn this blog into a motivational blog, or a music blog. 'Why don't you go looking for some finance news, boss?' Ha! That's beneath my dignity, these days. 'Oh, okay.' I just don't know, Voice. These people, eh? And this bloody blog. 'Maybe you should record your demo, get a deal, and then get the fuck out of Dodge - as the saying goes.' Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. That's the plan, obviously.

Christ. I'm worried that one day I'll be homeless on the street with great songs that I can't record because ... you can't do anything on the street, except survive (if you're lucky.) 'Christ! Don't be so negative.' All right. All right.

Let's play some music!

Geno. Dexys Midnight Runners. / This was their other number one hit, before Come On Eileen. Oh, I discovered last night that Come On Eileen went to number one in America, too. Nice one!

Mersey Paradise. The Stone Roses. / As exciting as The Beatles, yes.

She Said. Plan B. / Modern retro sound.

Rehab. Amy Winehouse. / You see? Old, but new. Sort of.

Nice Dream. Radiohead. / I don't listen to them much now. (Maybe I'm a bit disappointed.) But this is one of my favourites.

I Can't Stand It. The Specials.

She's Your Lover Now. Bob Dylan. / Funny lyrics. Ha!

That's enough.


Anything else?

Uh, motivation? 'Yes! Think of something motivational to say, boss.' Well ...

Okay, okay.

I, er ... 'Come on!'

Right. Come on! Come on! Just do it!


'I'm going back to the astral plane. See you next week, Mikey.' Yes, bye, Voice.


Listen! After dinner, after my chips ... I'll have a go at getting that lyric I need, and want. You dig?

I might go to the pub tomorrow. It all depends on the weather.


Be under no illusions: I'm still on a mission. Nothing can stop me!

See you next week, kook(s)!