Monday, 4 November 2019

I've been invited to Supreme Fintech

Yeah, yeah, uh ... / Yeah, it's on Thursday this week. 'Where, boss?' Singapore. 'Are you going?' Er ... I probably won't be able to make it, Voice. 'Oh no.' Well, I'm very busy. I can't go travelling around the world, you dig?

Supreme Fintech is the most innovative and advanced private E-banking platform in the world. Supreme Fintech is a new and unique global bank that specializes in financial technology. We provide a worldwide platform that aims to make the lives of individuals easier, aid business growth and help economies to prosper.

Well, that's what they reckon, dear reader(s). 'Are they telling the truth, boss?' I've got no idea. I only work here.

[I'm still planning my escape, obviously. This blog will be the greatest true story of escape and adventure ever written!]

Listen! We have all got to work somewhere. 'Well, that's true.' And where do you work, Voice? 'Er ... here.' Yeah, right.

Oh, I wouldn't mind being a disembodied voice, floating on the astral plane. 'Ha! It's not all it's cracked up to be, boss.' Don’t make me laugh, Voice. You're living on easy street.


Anything else? Music update? Well ... I've rewritten Good Times/Bad Times. I've removed two verses, so it's my shortest song now at roughly 2.15. That's okay. It's still a classic. Alas, it's not a world-beater, man. 'Oh.' Ah, never mind. I just couldn't sustain the song, you dig? Listen! When I was rehearsing, I was singing about all the good time and bad time situations in life for over four minutes. 'Ha!' It was just ridiculous, frankly.

But, but, BUT(!) ... I still have five world-beaters! 'Yippee!' More than anyone else. 'Yes!' There's no point in engaging in wishful thinking. 'No, of course not, Mikey.' However ... I'm still determined to get another five soon.

Hopefully, this will be the album -

This World Don't Mean A Thing
Lucky You
Round The Bend
What's This Life We Live?
I Want Everything
Love Me
I'm Right Inside
Good Times/Bad Times

A bit over forty-four minutes long, I reckon. / Yeah, I can start work on the second album now. 'Christ.' Ha!


So, anything more ... else? Goggins? I'm going to add The Impossible Task chapter to my listening routine, a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, to go with Taking Souls and Armored Mind. That should do the trick!

I had my best ever week last week. [Even got out of bed at half five on Sunday morning for, uh ... no particular reason, like. Well, I rewrote that song.] Stay hard!

Later(s), crocodile(s)!