Thursday, 21 November 2019

It will soon ...

Be Christmas! Yippee!

But not yet, so ...

Uh. This is the last post of the week, dear kook(s), thank God! Then four weeks of blogging until Christmas. Then a break. Then ... another year of blogging, next year? Ha! We'll see.

Man, I've got a good feeling I'll make it as a rock superstar next year. Seriously! So ... I'll just use this blog as an occasional thing for album news and tour dates, etc.

Anyway ...

Let's play some tunes ...

Lust For Life. Iggy Pop. / Another example of David Bowie's genius. He wrote the music for this song. That would be enough for most careers.

Fugitive. David Gray. / His Best of ... album is good. I mean, he's got more decent songs than I thought he had.

China Girl. Iggy Pop. / Iggy again. Bowie's version is more famous, but this is the original.

Babylon. David Gray. / Bread-and-butter classic, obviously. Probably a first-class one. Yes, of course!

Superstar. Carpenters. / Listen! Don't come crying to me ... you dig? One day, I won't be here.

Ah, that's enough music. I'm not in the mood.


Yeah, yeah. A lot of big stars don't write their own online stuff, anyway. I'll probably get the Voice to take over blogging duties. He'll like that. A nice promotion! I might even pay him.

I went around the shops in central London yesterday. I saw loads of buskers again who, uh ... play the guitar better than most rock and pop stars. Mug's game. It's songs that matter.

Great songs give you power, man. That's why I want ten world-beaters. I should be happy with five, but I'm not.

That Bowie had a heart of gold, you know. He only recorded China Girl on the Let's Dance album because Iggy [co-writer] had money problems.


Oh, listen! ... I'm getting up between five and half five most mornings now. Various Navy SEALS recommend 4.30, but that's too early for me. Krishna monks get up at 3.30. And, uh ... they're nuts, yes. 5.30 is fine.

Okay, okay. Laters!